Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dear Coffeemate, It's Over.

I once claimed that sugar-free Coffemate was my one guilty indulgence. Well guess what, 3 months later and I'm done. In my quest to clean up my diet, I had to quit the hydrogenated oil. Coffee became a bit of a challenge for me because I have to admit, I'm addicted to coffee and I like it a little sweet. I didn't want to use refined white sugar so I started using turbinadosugar. I compensated for the addition of more daily sugar grams in my coffee with eating bread with lower sugar grams. Pretty easy. But mostly I have decided that I like the flavor of coffee with just milk or cream in it. I buy good coffee and brew it nice and strong. Its pretty darn tasty. I don't miss the syrupy, sweet and fake taste of the creamer I used to spend a few hundred dollars a year on at all! (By the way, I do not endorse the Sugar in the Raw brand, I just figured it was recognizable to most people since it is served in restaurants. I actually use the Trader Joe's brand. Of course.)

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