Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Opposite of a New Year's Resolution

I was poised to start 2013 off right. I really had all the best intentions. I worked from home the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve, and worked out diligently. I even ran on Christmas morning! Then, life got in the way. And I can now only look back on how well I did during the month of December, minus all the eating of course, because I haven't done much since! An exhausting week-long business trip to CES in Las Vegas, which included late eating and excessive drinking did not leave much room for fitness. No one forced me to drink cocktails and eat fabulous meals, but I have to admit I enjoy that part! Unfortunately, it was those late nights and several cocktails that interfered with my ability to go to bed early or wake up early to fit in a work out. As they say, "Shit happens."

Cocktails at Fleur
 I tried to get some relaxation time at the cleverly-named spa, TheBathhouse,  at my hotel, cleverly called "TheHotel."  The massage was lovely! But 50 minutes was not enough to recuperate from my week in Las Vegas. Spending time relaxing by the hot pool area and in the steam room did help sooth my throat and voice, until I went into the casino again 2 hours later! Bah!

Nothing more relaxing than the sound of water
Since I've returned from Sin City, where smokey air got the best of me and took away my voice - which I really use every chance I get - I've been saddled with work, laundry, getting back into the groove with the kids, and the excuses continue. Further, we are experiencing record low temps in CA (boo hoo for us, I know) and my early morning runs have not been happening! Girlfriend does not do below 30*. And just a few weeks ago I was striving for bad-ass status. Not now. Brrr. I have been eating well since I've been back - all 2 days so far. But its something!

Ahi Tuna Steak at Mesa Grill

I cannot dwell on what could have been, I can only look forward. Today, I am planning to do yoga in the morning to ease back into it. Thursday morning, I plan to brave the chill and meet up with Scrappy Mama to run at 5:30 a.m. Friday I will run on the dreadmill before work. Saturday bootcamp and Sunday, Dailey Method. These are my best intentions. If one or more of these do not happen I will not beat myself up. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, afterall.

Hail Mary (Bloody Mary) at Sporting House
 Fit and Fabulous with the Best Inentions in 2013!