Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wanna-be Crafty Mom - Leprechaun Trap

When I heard we had to make a leprachaun trap for my son's pre-K class, my thought was "How big is this thing supposed to be?" I know leprachauns are small but still the size of my son, right? Hopefully not the size of the leprachaun we saw at Pier 39 in San Francisco, who would require a large net and a big box!!

My kids were too afraid to take photos with this guy
After doing some online research, I will show you what we came up with. Everything we bought at Michael's. You will need:

2 packs of wooden discs
Glittery Gold Paint and a paintbrush
2 paper plates, one for your paint, the other to place your painted discs
A box (a shoebox will do
Foil, to cover your box inside and out to make it shiny
Stickers to decorate the trap
Some Easter basket grass, some glue, tape and a 4 inch stick/branch

Super easy. I had Ryan paint all the discs on one side. We let them dry on a paper plate. When they were dry, we flipped them over and painted the other side. He really enjoyed this part.

Meanwhile, we wrapped foil around our box, on the outside and lined the inside and taped it in place.

Then, we took the Easter basket grass, spread it around on the inside of the box (after squirting some Elmer's glue around haphazardly inside).

We placed the dried gold coins amongst the blades of "grass".

Ryan decorated the outside with shamrock stickers.

We took our stick, which we broke off a tree branch from our yard, and propped up our lid.

***If you are using a shoe box, use a stick that is about 2-3 inches taller than the box "bottom" so it will be propped up. Put the lid of the box on the bottom. You can always poke a little divet in the top and bottom of the box to keep the stick in place.

This was really fun and my son was occupied for a while with the painting. He also loved sticking the stickers on. I let him tape the foil in place, the putting the foil around the box and measuring it out is really the only part I did on my own. This project cost about $8.

What fun St. Patrick's Day projects are you working on at your house? How do you celebrate?

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  1. Oh girl this Ozark Farm Chick thinks that this is a fun and fab project for any age!!! I have eight grandkiddos who would love to catch a Leprechaun!!!

    Let us know I ya catch one! :o)

    From the silly hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day filled with all kinda luck of the Irish!


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