Monday, July 12, 2010

Family Entertainment Light on the Pocketbook AND the Waistline

Our typical family activities (birthday parties, amusement parks, etc.) usually mean I am going to be exposed to some type of "kid friendly" food that I shouldn't eat. Cheeseburgers, hot dogs, birthday cake, ice cream. Of course I know that no one is forcing me eat these things, but its there and sometimes there are no healthy options. Sure, the wise thing to do would be to eat something healthy at home, or bring my own snacks. I do really try to do that in all honesty but sometimes it just doesn't work out. Not only that but when you go to family-oriented places the food tends to be so over-priced, it makes the cost of Family Night a little too high sometimes.  I wanted to share something that worked out for us so effortlessly, and it was so fun!

This past weekend we took the kids to the drive-in. This was actually the second time in the last month that we have been, and it is just great! First of all it is so cheap compared to going to the theater. They didn't charge us for either of our kids, who are nearly 4 and 2. It only cost $13.50 for me and my husband! We were in the comfort of our own vehicle with the back of my mini SUV open with pillows, blankets as well as a couple beach chairs out on the ground.  We had already eaten dinner since the show didn't start until after 9pm. We popped popcorn at home - so we saved ourselves from the over-salted, over-buttered movie popcorn. Of course I know it tastes don't have to tell me! In our cooler we had a juice box for my oldest, and a sippy with milk for my youngest. A nice bottle of red wine and cups for us. The kids were both in their pajamas so we had nothing to worry about if they fell asleep. The best part for us is we didn't have to worry about them being confined to their seats and wanting to leave early if they got antsy. No worries about being noisy or disturbing others. The only item we purchased there was a $1 glow stick which kept the kids occupied while waiting for the show to start.

The weather was perfect and it was a great night. Do you have a drive-in theater near you? Check out If you do it's a must on a summer night!