Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Paleo Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

Hadn't had broccoli in a while. So good!
 It has been a while since I have written a post, and even longer since I have posted a recipe. The dreaded FLU of 2013 caught up with me in January and seemed to derail me in every which way! Additionally, traveling for business and still trying to spend time with my kids has put my blog on the back burner. Many of you who follow me on Instagram know that not only have I have surely been eating, but I'm still cooking. I do not live by strict rules when it comes to eating but I try to stay somewhat healthy so when I want to eat a fabulous dessert, great cheese or something greasy from time to time I don't have to beat myself up over it. Lately I have been educating myself on the Paleo Diet, and am intrigued by the results some friends have had eating in this "caveman" fashion. I decided to dabble in some recipes to see if this lifestyle is something I would adopt, and at the very least, to explore something new.
Me, caveman. Eat meat.
 This recipe was adapted from The Food Lover's Kitchen recipe for Beef and Broccoli. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely make it again! I had never used any soy sauce substitutes before and was excited to find coconut aminos at my regular grocery store. Even better, when I compared the sodium content, the coconut aminos had 113 mg/serving vs. nearly 600 mg/serving of my LOW SODIUM soy sauce! I am of Filipino descent and my entire life I have used soy sauce in recipes and on my rice. I never thought I could or would give it up. But honestly, after seeing the low sodium content of the coconut aminos, I don't think I could go back to soy sauce even if I didn't stick to a Paleo lifestyle.

This is a GAME CHANGER for me
 I am a huge fan of recipes with minimal ingredients and simple processes. This was an ideal recipe for me!

1 tsp Black Pepper
1 tsp salt
1 tsp Red Pepper Flakes
1/4 cup raw coconut aminos
1/4 c green onion thinly sliced
2 tbsp ginger root, minced
2 tbsp sesame oil - adds a great flavor!
4 c broccoli florets
5 cloves garlic minced
1 lb beef chuck shoulder roast cubed (I used chuck steak, because the roasts were only sold in 2 lbs or higher weights)

Optional: 1 c shredded carrot, small can of sliced water chestnuts, 1/2 c coarsely chopped onion, sesame seeds for garnish

Heat sesame oil on high - it gets hot really fast and will smoke if its burning. Add garlic and ginger (and onion if you're using), and saute for 3 min or until onion starts to soften.

Add steak and stir frequently and brown on all sides.

Add broccoli and continue sautee on high, then water chestnuts if you're using, then green onion. Add another tbsp of oil if necessary, which it will be if you include the optional ingredients.

Pour in amino, season with salt, pepper and red pepper flakes.
Saute another 2-3 minutes to combine the flavors.

Garnish with sesame seeds (optional) and serve over cauliflower rice or spaghetti squash, to stay within Paleo guidelines.  This recipe serves 2 generously without a side dish. 

Happy Healthy Eating, Friends!