Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rebounding from Illness

Welcome to my world!
I hate being sick. Honestly, no one really likes being under the weather but some of us may handle it better than others. My problem is, I am generally in good health so when I get sick - usually a cold - it's a pretty bad one! Not only that, I think that illness tends to sideline me more than it may other people. Not that I'm special, I just have a lot going on in general and strive to be pretty active. Working out, social life, working full time and of course the non-stop action that is required to be a Mother. Seriously. Just THE busiest job of all.

What is the best way to recover from illness? Everyone probably has their own method. Since I am starting to feel among the living again, there are things I'm not just going to run out and do. Like what, you ask? Well, exercise for one. I know some of my fellow running mamas that run while they are sick and if they do take some time off, put their running shoes on before their nose is even dry. Me? No can do. I've still got a little congestion going and I'm not going to prolong anything by hitting the trails too soon.

What else? Cocktails with the girls. Or even a drink after work. I haven't had any alcoholic drinks in exactly one week. Why bother? My tastebuds are still not fully back, so why waste the calories? I'm still not feeling 100%, so believe it or not a little "buzz" doesn't even sound remotely appealing. That is how you know I MUST be sick.

Until further notice I'm going to get up, go to work, spend time with my family, and feed and bathe my children and go to bed early. I truly hope this doesn't last long because I will probably start to go stir crazy. I would imagine by next weekend I will be back in the saddle again. My sister's wedding is in 30 days and I plan to kick my workouts and eating plan into high gear!

Happy Thursday Hungripeeps!

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