Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer is in FULL Swing!

It is officially summer, and after what seemed like an eternal winter, I am finally in the summer groove! I feel like I have been severely neglecting this blog over the last few months. Sometimes, I feel bad about it and then other times I wonder if anyone has noticed?! I do blog for myself, but of course hope I am entertaining someone in the process. Anyone?
A great baseball season, all done!
So what have I been up to? Honestly, 3 months ago I started a new job as you may have read about HERE. And I have to say I absolutely L-O-V-E it. Probably more than any job I've ever had, besides the time I was lifeguarding at a waterside park in high school and basically flirted with cute boys all day. Since I spend my entire day social media networking, and believe it or not - still do a bit of m own personal social media networking, I have been a little burned out on blogging when I get home. Understandably!
Kat Deluna is such a sweetheart!
At this new company, I have had the pleasure of meeting some talented people. I had never heard of Kat Deluna before, but now that I have met her and heard her beautiful voice, I am grateful I have been in the company of such talent. can I forget Ralph Johnson from Earth, Wind and Fire? I need not say anything more about how amazing he is.

Ralph Johnson - Truly a nice guy!
Ashanti Floyd of Symphony Crack Orchestra going off on the violin!
Most recently, I have been in the company of DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kat Deluna again, and a cool band called Symphony Crack Orchestra.  

The kids have been BUSY this summer. Let's see, outpatient surgery, Lego Camp, swimming lessons, play dates. They have been tired out and sleeping in. And so have I - I think I have slacked a bit on my morning workouts because I have struggled with getting out of bed super early, but I have recently regained my mojo.
Wig fun! Or torture?
In the last few weeks, I hosted my sister's bachelorette party, went on a whirlwind trip to New York to work (and play), my sister got married (I was the matron of honor), both boys had a weird tummy bug, and we went to Santa Cruz for the weekend. I am just starting to feel like I am back to normal. Just in time for Monkey's 6th birthday and a week long camping trip with friends.What is normal anyway? Normal = crazy for me. Happy summer my friends!
18 passenger Hummer! FTW!
Me and DJ Jazzy Jeff!
One of the last of the zillion pix I posed for that day! Whew!


  1. You *have* been busy! But, it sounds like there has been a lot of smiles along the way (well, minus that surgery part!). Your sister looked beautiful and I've enjoyed keeping up with your adventures via FB, a li'l twitter & of course, Instagram (my new fav, since they finally opened it up to those of us with Droids! :>). Somehow, you're still squeazing it all in. Glad you're lovin' your new job & enjoying summer fun!

  2. Wow...this is quite the all the pictures! Happy Summer to you too!

  3. You have been keeping yourself busy! That new job sounds awesome!! I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!


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