Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Amy's Awareness Run - #runnersafety

On October 26, my virtual running buddy Sandra and her good friend Amy Wayne went on their usual 4 mile morning run before sunrise. Both women were equipped with lights and were obeying all traffic/pedestrian laws. Suddenly, Amy, who was running a short distance behind Sandra, was struck by a car and killed nearly on impact.

My running mom friends and I are putting together a virtual run in honor of Amy, and also to raise awareness of runner safety. Until this accident happened, I ran early in the morning on a regular basis without a light or reflective gear. This was truly a wake up call for me. Not only is it important to be more aware as runners, but as drivers, at any and all times of the day.

Please help us support Amy's family, her husband Travis and toddler daughter Adalee. It's easy to enter - Here are some details:
  • The run will need to be ran between November 26th - December 2, 2012.
  • You have the choice of running/walking 1 miles, 4 miles, or 5+ miles and the fees (donations) are different for each option.
  • If you don't want to run, you have an option of making a donation.
  • Memorial race bibs will be provided to all participants.
Click here to sign up: Amy's Awareness Run, put in your info, and choose your distance. Then go to Paypal and complete your donation by sending it to amysawarenessrun@gmail.com
If you have any questions, please comment below or contact me at hungrigyrl@yahoo.com
Please share this run with everyone you know and let's show Travis and Adalee that runners take care of their own!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a horrible story! I feel like I'm hearing more and more of these running accidents lately, it's so scary. I'll try to help spread the word!

  2. That is so sad and just reaffirms my fear of running on the road. In 2010 was my first year running regularlly. I did 3000 miles that year. 95% of which was on the tredmill. Nobody understands why I dont run outside. There is a great 5 mile loop around my house, but I live in the middle of nowhere. I'm afraid of being kidnapped by some crazy maniac, or being attacked by a dog, or hit by a car as I wear my head phones when I run. It's so sad that we have to be afraid of these things.

    My heart goes out to your friend and her family. Thumbs up to you for everything you are doing!

    1. Thanks Melissa! I am with you, my running is limited to when I can go with a friend, or on a TM. I never run outside w/headphones for fear of what could happen if I'm not 100% aware of what's going on around me. It's a shame that on top of worrying about dogs and rapists we have to worry about cars to, even when we are carrying lights and are with a friend.


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