Sunday, March 21, 2010

Support Our Troops: A Few Good Girl Scout Cookies

I have got to say that I have radically changed my normal every day eating habits of late, eschewing white flower and refined sugar for whole wheat products and only natural sugars. I have eaten meat all of my life, and won't ever quit - but have incorporated more vegan meals into my repertoire. Its been great...I feel better, leaner and healthier!

Unfortunately, the last couple weeks my willpower has failed me. I am trying not to view what I am doing as a "diet" per se (since I hate counting calories and weighing myself compulsively), but merely a change in the way I eat. Typically not much willpower is required to eat good, healthy, clean foods. But then some really sweet little girl came to my door selling Girl Scout cookies and naturally I couldn't say no. I love what they do and what they stand for and am all about supporting them. Just a couple boxes, I said. I figured I would take them over to my weekly family dinner at my Grandpa's house and let everyone else eat them.

It had been a year since I had a Samoa, Tagalong, or Dosi-do. I wondered if they still tasted like I remembered them. The boxes sat staring at me from the counter and I figured, "What is the harm in one? Ok, two?" I think I drew the line at 4, which really wasn't bad. I did as I said and that night took the cookies to my Grandpa's and fortunately was free of them, after eating a few more to make sure I had no regrets.

Then a couple days later my husband comes home after running errands. The troops got to him too. He was at the store and bought another box or two. I even bought a couple boxes from my co-worker who's daughter is a Girl Scout. It would be several days before we went to Gramp's again. In a moment of weakness I opened a box. By the time Sunday dinner rolled around again there were 2 boxes left to bring over. Its a good thing we have a lot of people in and out of our house because I can safely convince myself that I was not the only one who ate them. (I hope).

I just had the last 3 Dosi-dos in the house. I happily enjoyed my little afternoon sweet treat with no regrets. I am going running tomorrow and am ready to start with a clean slate! Summer is coming, which means bathing suits...step away from the cookies! ;)

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