Thursday, October 13, 2011

First Field Trip! A Milestone for My Buddha Baby

Aaah Buddha. We aren't Buddhists...we started calling him that when he was a baby, because he was bald and well, fat. And peaceful as well, all things Buddha.

Today we got to take him on his very first field trip, for preschool at Uesugi Pumpkin Farm. We have been going there annually since we moved to our town in 2005. We met his class and went through a corn maze for kids, that was full of colorful and textural story boards. It was so fun to hear Buddha run from one to another going "Oooh! Look!". All the kids were adorable!

Every year, we like to have our boys stand by this sign and take a picture so we can compare how much they have grown. He looks like such a big boy now, just more mature, not necessarily SO much taller.

This was him last year with his brother Monkey!

We went on a hay ride and a train ride, as well as watched a movie about how pumpkins are grown and harvested. We also picked out our own pumpkins.

It was a gorgeous day in the mid 80's. Buddha got us all to himself, which is rare. Monkey was in school and little bro got all the attention from us today. It was really fun. (Ok, besides the meltdowns he had when we had to wait in line for the hayride, as well as the train. Which is why you don't see any photos of that. )


  1. We love the Pumpkin Patch! Love that you take the same pic each year. The grow so fast!

    We call our baby Caleb Buddha, too! It started from me calling him Boo Boo and now there are all kinds of variations: Bubby, Boo Boo, Booder, and Budha.


  2. How funny, and we also call him Boo Boo too!

  3. That looks like fun! I so wish we had a pumpkin patch here!

  4. We love our trips to the pumpkin patch! Your Buddha is sooo cute and I can see what you mean about looking older this year from last year's pic. It's funny, I can recognize the kidlets getting bigger by how much taller they are getting next to me (& know my boy will pass me up in the next couple years...yikes!), but those changes in their faces, either I don't see at all unless I see a photo from awhile ago or I'm just suddenly caught off guard one day and see it. Yup, since becomming a mama, I'm a walking cliche....they just get so big so fast!

    Glad you three had a great time together (minus meltdowns, of course....those are on the not fun list). It sounds like a wonderful pumpkin patch to explore with your li'l one! :>

  5. What a gorgeous day you got! Your fam is so cute!!

  6. We're going back to the pumpkin patch so that Monkey can pick out some pumpkins for us to carve! I love that its so close and a fun day for the kids. :)

  7. Looks like you guys were having so much fun :)


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