Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's a Weird Day, but I'm Thankful

Killer No Longer At Large
I'm still reeling from all that happened yesterday. As I drove to work, there were news reports of a shooting that had happened in the early morning hours at a quarry in the same town that I work in. All day, the shooter of several people was at large. Our office had moved recently, and the area surrounding where our office had been was apparently blocked to traffic and heavy with police/sherriff and SWAT presence from many agencies. The shooter had killed 2 people (another one later died) and injured several others. Then he took off to a company right across from where we used to work and attempted to carjack an older woman, by first punching her in the face and shooting her too. Later, his car was found at the very gas station that we always went to because it had the cheapest gas. Good Lord, it was crazy as we followed the news stories in the office, afraid to go out at lunch since our new office is still only 5 minutes away from where all of this was taking place.

Chip had a training class that day, and wasn't being called to the scene. As a matter of fact, he was going to be home early to have dinner with us for a change. I was hoping the sherrif's department would hurry and find the guy so my man didn't have to go!

I couldn't be happier to be going home to hug my babies as 5pm approached. Then suddenly, I see in my Twitter feed that Steve Jobs had passed away. My heart sank even further. I knew when he stepped down from the helm at Apple, his health was failing. I hadn't heard much about him since Tim Cook took over. Since I had been so focused on this killer at large, I was completely caught off guard to hear about the passing of a man who is largely responsible for revolutionizing the way we use personal computers and gadgets. He essentially integrated technology into our daily lives, and created products that we have coveted and craved. I couldn't imagine how his wife and 4 kids were feeling. I drove home with my heavy heart and was so relieved when I got there to see my husband and boys.

Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs
The call came, before dinner was made or a cocktail had been poured.. Chip had to go out to Cupertino to assist in the search. I was hoping it wouldn't be a terribly long night. After baths and dinner I got the kids to bed and fell fast asleep but it wasn't too long before I realized Chip was home again, however the shooter was still on the loose. Sigh.

I will admit I was awake between 1 and 2:30 a.m. soaking up news about Steve Jobs. I loved reading about everyone's memories of him, and recognition of all that he had done for the modern world. I am here at home now, watching the rain pour down outside. Thankful the shooter was taken down this morning so our community can breath again. Thankful for my family, for Chip's safety. Thankful for Steve Job's determination to be one of the crazy ones who believed he could change the world. And he did.

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  1. I was sad for Steve Jobs. I can't imagine life without my ipod. What an amazing man. Life changing. I just wonder what else he could have done if he had lived longer.

  2. Visiting/following you back! Thanks for posting the link to the hop you're participating in today...that's one I haven't seen before...really made me giggle!

  3. Both of these stories were on the news, one right after the other, in the same order, as I read this.

    Scary that this guy (the one that was shooting) was so close to you. I'm glad you and your family are all okay.

    And yes, Steve Jobs is a great loss to humanity. He completely changed how people interact with technology, whether someone is a Mac or PC. He affected so many. #isad

  4. Yes, gone too soon. And glad for you that there's one less worry on your head. And about that rain, it's great, we had continuous rain all last night.

  5. I'm so glad you and your loved ones are safe!

  6. I'm so glad you and your loved ones are safe!


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