Friday, January 13, 2012

Making The Most of Outdoor Exercise in Winter

Pretty view on our descent
I know I have lamented the loss of my regular running buddy due to a foot injury many times here, and okay, okay, I won't do it again. I have also mentioned Scrappy Mama who is someone I knew through work many years ago that happens to live in the same town. We started meeting up over a month ago to run, and I was very excited! But like all new relationships/friendships, you never know how its going to turn out. I wondered, Will I slow her down? and also, Will she be reliable? It turns out that yes, she is in a bit better shape than me - and also almost 10 years younger, might I add - and she IS reliable! I know that committing to run with someone early in the morning on the weekend may sound good but when you are cuddling with your babies and the internet is telling you its 40*, you may start to change your mind. Well, she's been great. And I wouldn't say I hold her back that much. Just when we are doing crazy trails at Harvey Bear Ranch Park, the vertical climb kills me and I do ask to stop and walk when the need arises. I love feeling challenged like this, and my goal this year to is to keep up!
This is before we came up on 3 wild boars!
I have registered for a trail 10K in March! All by my lonesome. It is about an hour away, and I plan to make a weekend of it with my family if I can move afterward! I could not be more psyched, although a little scared. I've done 10K's plenty of times but never a trail 10K. It's going to be so awesome!

My old running buddy is not completely out of the picture. We are actually still meeting up, but for walks instead. The cool thing is we are actually hiking, so its more challenging than your typical walk and we can still talk and catch up. I love that I have so much nature so close to me! I feel very fortunate.
Hiking above the clouds at El Toro Mtn
 I have even been getting my family "off road". This past weekend Chip, Monkey, Buddha and I went to hit the trail I normally run on by my house, which I have posted many-an-asphalt photo before. This time, at the suggestion of Monkey we took the road less (paved) traveled and explored many of the other trails that are off the beaten path near Coyote Creek Trail. It was fun!
The boys really enjoyed being little explorers
So while I have not been getting outdoors to run alone in the dark before work, I have still managed to make the most of my weekends and not be all about the treadmill and DVDs. But those have their place as well. Stay tuned for my thoughts of Bethenny Frankel's new Skinnygirl Workout DVD.

Do you manage to get out much for exercise in winter? Or do you hit the gym when the temperatures drop? I'm sure my California "winter" pictures make some of you roll your eyes!

Stay fit and fabulous! 

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  1. I've been braving the Nashville weather and getting outside for my runs! The only time I hit the gym is when my trainer misses seeing me!! LOL

  2. I usually do move indoors, but this is the first "winter" in Texas, and I'm loving the milder weather. It's funny how much I've adjusted though, it's now the 30's and 40's that make me want to head to the gym, instead of the teens! :) Nice job getting outdoors so much!

  3. Looks beautiful. 40 sounds good to me. 27 here in Washington, but at least it's sunny. It's so nice to have a running buddy. My old running buddy went to work full time and stopped running completely. So sad, for her and me. I haven't quite found one to replace her yet. I like to go to the gym for classes, but I prefer to run outside even when it's cold!

  4. whatever it takes to get moving!!!
    I am your newer follower..pls follow back if you can!

  5. Winter outdoor activities can be very fulfilling! I live in Washington State, and I love exploring the woods and mountains here when everything is covered in snow. It's as if the slow silences and freezes nature in place. There is something slow and peaceful about it.


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