Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Night As A Single Gal

My night without the husband and kids last night did not involve any tight dresses or any bars, but I definitely got a taste of what my life would be like today if I was single. My parents have my boys overnight for 2 nights, so I wanted to take advantage of my "me" time by scheduling a badly needed massage after work. Aaah. Since Chip was working, I came home to a dark, quiet and empty house. I flipped on the lights, turned on the TV and started the DVR. It was late but after the light amount of food I had eaten that day, I needed dinner. And fast.

Fortunately I had frozen stir fry vegetables. I needed a protein source, so I went with this extra firm tofu I picked up today:

I put a little less than a tablespoon of oil in a pan, with two cups of frozen stir fry veggies on medium high dashed with salt and pepper:

Meanwhile, I cut off a small slab of tofu about 1/2 inch thick and cut into squares. I wanted it to be as meat-like as possible, and this firm tofu came through. In a separate small pan, I put a small amount of oil (approx 1 tsp) on medium high heat and cooked the tofu on both sides to make it crispy. I periodically shook the veggies in the pan to make sure they cooked evenly, and doused with low sodium soy sauce for flavor:

When the veggies were done according to my preference (still firm, slightly softened and heated through - nothing worse than soggy stir-fry), I combined the tofu with the veggies and served this very easy, single serving meal to me, myself and I while I watched TV.
Dinner for One!
At about 10pm, I was a little hungry, but I was NOT going to snack that late. I turned on my iPad, got into bed and read The Hunger Games until I couldn't keep my eyes open.

And how did I like this night alone? Honestly, I probably needed it. But I MISS MY BOYS. It's always good to have a little break, it makes me a better Mom. And Monkey and Buddha are on vacation, so its good for them to get outta dodge! Since I was sick for a whole week, the poor little guys had been at home pretty much since they got out of school. While I can't wait for them to come home, I will relish in this time where I can eat however I want with no one else to please. No competition for time to make my lunch this morning, and no  interference with my morning work out. How often do I get to be selfish? Rarely. And I'm getting a pedicure after work tonight. YES.

Have you had a whole night to yourself lately? How did you spend it? If you could have a night alone and could do whatever you wanted, what would you do?


  1. Your night alone sounds amazing! I decided to get out last night and use some Christmas gift cards- it was a nice treat to myself. Your dinner looks yummy, too! I'm picking up our share today, so a stir fry with all those fresh veggies would be perfect... and I think we even have tofu in the fridge to throw in.

  2. Like I said on twitter, I am definitely making this tonight!! I have a night off from being a mom every Saturday when my daughter is at her dad's house! Its usually Redbox and a pre-calculated weekly sweet!

  3. Woo hoo! What I felt was key was making the tofu crispy on both sides in a separate pan. I don't know why I didn't add pictures of that too, I thought I did! Anyway, my tofu was not very watery but if yours is you should pat it with paper towels to get some of the liquid out. So tonight I'm getting a pedi with a friend after work and then watching a Netflix movie. Kids will be back tomorrow! :)

  4. I can't even remember when I had a me night LOL. That stir-fry looks yummy. We have tofu quite a lot. I'm not really crazy about it but it really depends on how it's cooked.

  5. That sounds like a nice night alone. Sometimes that's the best thing, I think. Some quiet alone time, when nobody is asking for a snack or why the sky is blue or telling you one hundred and thirty-seven unknown facts about their new favorite fictional character. :> Love my kidlets, but sometimes quiet is just what my sanity orders.

    I just started The Hunger Games as well. A teacher, with a son the same age as mine, recommended it. But, because of the subject matter, I wanted to read it first.

  6. Oh man, wrong time for me to read this. I am so hungry now!!! LOL

  7. Wild woman!! I'm so impressed that you cooked...when I'm solo and not cooking, I'm about raw veggies, fruit, cereal, cookies and ice cream....


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