Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cardio Crack: Cage The Elephant

I have a pretty extensive workout playlist. There are some weeks that a particular song moves me more than others. Maybe it's the the activity I'm doing, or where I happen to be working out. This week, I've been working out in my garage before work. My kids are on Spring Break and I haven't had to wake them up at the crack of dawn to get them ready. My body is so trained to get up at a certain time, I find it impossible to sleep instead I'm up at the usual time and have more "me" time. Score.

To be honest I usually am running with a friend these days, or doing a fitness DVD at home and it seems that I don't listen to music much. Since I have switched jobs and my commute is 5 minutes, I no longer have that 45 minutes in the morning for my "commuter crack". I used to have a healthy dose of caffeine, crank my car stereo and sing at the top of my lungs to make the drive tolerable. I miss my music - not the drive - and am going to try to listen to my own music when I work out at the gym rather than listen to what they have piped in.

So back to working out this week in my "garage band" this week has been Cage The Elephant. They SO rock. Here is my favorite tune of theirs that made it onto my playlist this week. Enjoy!

What song is getting you pumped to work out these days? I'm always on the lookout for good music to get me through my cardio sessions!


  1. I love that music. I like Latin Caribbean music and jazz that's fast and funky, but I also like some No Doubt, Sublime and the B52s for running.

  2. I might've mentioned this before but I'm still on an "Under Pressure" by Queen/David Bowie kick. Sometimes I put it on repeat and just listen to it over and over...some parts make me run super fast while others just help clear my mind.

  3. I love to workout to any Katy Perry! Its got a great beat to run to!


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