Thursday, March 29, 2012

TRX: A Badass Workout

I didn't make a big deal about it at the time, but about 2 months ago I rejoined at our local YMCA. The facility is only about 6 years old, and they have recently made additions to it and upgraded it even more. I had cancelled my membership a few years ago when it just seemed like too much money for a family membership ($80/mo.) when I was going maybe once a week and my husband didn't like working out there. Somehow I had completely missed the fact that a single adult with up to 4 children can use the facility for a monthly fee of only $55! Plus, over the last couple of years my schedule has lightened up a bit, having more days I work from home and just having easier access to the Y.

A couple weeks ago my friend encouraged me to try a TRX class. TRX is basically a suspension training work out, where you utilize straps that hang from the ceiling in this case, and leverage your body weight and gravity to build core body strength and lean muscle. Check out this video, which pretty much sums it up:

Yes, we did almost every single one of those exercises in my 50 minute class. My instructor is totally cool, making sure to help out anyone who is new to the class. She calls out exercises and tells you how much time you have left for each one as you are doing them. Each time you do a new exercise she directs you to quickly adjust your straps to the proper length. Every exercise utilizes and strengthens your core, and you definitely feel it when it is over.

Imagine doing lunges, chest presses, tricep/bicep curls, burpees, mountain climbers all using your own body weight for resistance and in some cases suspended by straps? Does it sound interesting? Well it is! It is an amazing work out, and during the class at some point I think to myself, "I am dying right now." Of course I'm not really dying, I am getting absolutely worked, and afterwards I feel so great and proud of myself that I survived. What I love about this class is that no weights are involved, so rather than build and develop big muscles and I am developing lean body strength. It's crazy, this is one of those classes that in the past I would walk by and think it was way too hardcore for me. I am so glad that my friend encouraged me and pushed me to try something new and different. I don't want my body to get complacent, and I love retraining my muscles and keeping them guessing!

Have you ever tried TRX? What do you think?


  1. I have tried this work out and yes, the words hardcore and survival come to mind! I do like the idea of using your own body weight to build lean muscle. I'm just trying to get back into exercising regularly again. Crazy how 3 weeks off makes it so hard to get back into it.

  2. I've been wanting to try TRX, such a great way to challenge your body in new ways! Thanks for sharing the video... I was wondering what all was involved.


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