Thursday, October 14, 2010

Popchips GIVEAWAY!!!

Wouldn't you love to win a case of Popchips?? I have teamed up with the makers of Popchips to give you the opportunity to give you fellow Popchips lovers a chance to win! As I have mentioned in my previous post, Popchips are a delicious, healthier alternative to traditional, greasy potato chips. They are popped, not fried. One of the things I love about them (besides the fact that they don't make my hands greasy so they are easy to eat at my desk at work) is that they even seem to stay fresher longer. My only complaint? That the bags are too small...I go through them like crazy! However, they are now being sold at Costco stores in enormous bags that will keep me and my family poppin' away for days!

To enter: 
1. Go to the Popchips Facebook Page and "like" Popchips


2. Check out Popchips Snacker's Credo and post a comment on my blog with your own personal snacking credo 


Post a comment on my blog with your favorite Popchips dips and pairings. 

3. And don't forget to FOLLOW MY BLOG! 

Additionally you can follow Popchips on Twitter While you’re at it, follow ME on Twitter!

Looking forward to seeing your fun answers! The winner will be announced Friday, October 29!

Keep on Poppin'!


  1. i LOVE popchips and like them on FB!

  2. i love the bbq popchips dipped in ranch dressing.

  3. i follow popchips and you on twitter @raggammuffin

  4. snacker credo #7 It's ok to cheat on BBQ with Salt and Pepper, We won't tell.

    like and follow popchips!

  5. I follow popchips and truly believe that it's not a tail gate party without the POP (chips) Happy for the double dipping.

    Like on facebood!

  6. I like PopChips on Facebook :)
    and I follow them and you on Twitter.

    Snacker Credo - The best snacks have a crunch

  7. like popchips on fb and

    Snacker's credo #1 Snacking is good, and should be encouraged!

  8. I like popchips on FB. My credo agrees with theirs - occasionally you have to spoil your dinner.

    I'm not sure if I was supposed to leave seperate comments like others did or 1 comment. The instructions implied 1 comment.

  9. following popchips on twitter

    dpan1204 @tampabay .rr .com

  10. following you on twitter @letshop2gether

    dpan1204 @tampabay .rr .com

  11. 1. I "like" Popchips on Facebook:

    2. My own personal snacking credo:
    The saltier, the better.

    3. I follow on GFC via Twitter.

  12. I follow Popchips on Twitter as "calidreamin87"

  13. I follow you on Twitter as "calidreamin87"

  14. LOVE those chips!!!! the BBQ are my fav and a great alt. to regular chips. its the only way I eat "healthy" chips.


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