Thursday, November 18, 2010

Keep Your Lips Kissable This Winter

Dry, Peeling Lips are NOT Hot
Do you ever find your self biting your lips? Not because you're nervous but because they are dry and peeling? I can't stand it when I apply lipstick and my lips don't look smooth. Sometimes after I apply it,  I mush my lips together to spread the lipstick around and I can feel the skin on my lips peeling off. YUCK-O. In the past I have tried every lip balm you have ever heard of - and some you probably haven't heard of - to help keep my lips smooth and free of cracks. I have even tried things like using an extra toothbrush to "exfoliate" the skin on my lips. It was a tip I read in a magazine, and it did nothing for me at all.

Make Your Lips "Apeeling"
My pretties, the best and the ONLY product that has worked for me is Lip Apeel from Beauticontrol. You apply a white mask to your lips and let it dry (I put it on and let it dry while I am blow-drying my hair). Once it's dry you take a damp wash cloth and wipe off the mask off your lips, along with all the peeling skin! Then, this nifty little container has a separate compartment on the top that contains some lovely conditioning lip balm that has good staying power without being greasy at all. You apply that and you are good to go!  With the harsh elements nearly upon us, and my cold morning runs - I can guarantee I will be leaning on my Lip Apeel quite a bit this season!

Buy It - Don't Wait
If you are interested in purchasing some, let me know and I can hook you up. It's $19.50, and will last forever and is worth every cent! Contact me at hungrigyrl at yahoo dot com.

Smooch smooch!


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