Friday, November 5, 2010

Crazy Get After It Running Plan

I have a good friend that I have known for over 25 years. Yes I am that old, but thank goodness I don't look it! She and I love to get together for our "girl time" which is when we run, and talk. It's great for us to catch up and discuss the economy, finances, political and social issues, wine, food and chick stuff. I have always been motivated by my running buddy. The last year or so our running time has taken a hit as both of us have had some changes in our schedule which makes it difficult to run together as much as we'd like. She works a shift job so her schedule changes every 6 months, and I have a husband with a shift job that impacts my schedule, and I have 2 little ones under 5 that I have to work around also. It's no wonder I am looking and feeling a bit heavier than normal.

In recent blogs I have mentioned that I have never been a morning person, but somehow have been managing recently out of desperation to get up and exercise before work. Well I am even kicking it up a notch. My running buddy and I are pledging to run together in the morning, so early that it doesn't interfere with anyone's schedule. Which means sometimes on my day off I will be getting up to run at 6am, and she will do the same. Then a couple times during the week, we will run before she has to be at work...and since she starts at 6am, we will be running at 4:15. OMG. I can't believe I was even crazy enough to suggest this to her, but I think we are both serious about being fit and making changes in our lives.

I told my husband our plan and he gave me a funny look. I know he doesn't want to say it, but is thinking, "Yeah, right." Well it makes me want to prove to him as well as myself that we can do this! Yes, I will be tired. Yes, I will be freezing. Yes, it will be dark. But what choice do I have? It's so easy to make excuses. And as my buddy said, there will be less flaking at that time of the morning. We won't have anything interfering with our ability to run but ourselves. I can't blame my husband, my kids, a dr. appointment, birthday party, or anything else. Hell, the Giant's just won the World Series. I can, and WILL run before dawn. I will keep you posted on my progress!

Happy Fitness! A great weekend to all!


  1. Good for you for making a plan! Thats awesome!!!

    I am stopping by from Totally Tuesday and following your blog! Would love if you returned the follow at Just Married with Coupons

    Have a great Tuesday!

  2. Wow Lanae! Your commitment is inspiring; and it's so true, if we really want to age well, staying fit should be one of our top priorities, after eating and sleeping and having fun! No, but seriously, if the Giants did it, we can too!

    Ok, I'll start getting up early and going on runs... I'll keep you posted!

    Myrna =)

  3. Great going. Wow, 4.15! I'm impressed :) My 16yo daughter and I is now my gym partner. She joined me a few weeks ago to start working out regularly. I know what you mean, it's wonderful having a partner who's as enthusiastic, it really is the biggest motivator.


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