Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why I Love Hump Day

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This is what I feel like on Wednesdays!

I love to call Wednesday "Hump Day". I know the word "hump" is also a juvenile reference to sex...and I think it's funny! Ok, so I never said I was mature! But Wednesday to me is the "hump" in the week, and once we get over it, its a fast downhill race to the weekend!

I live for the weekend. That is when I get to hang out with my family and do fun things with my kids, or perhaps have a date night with my husband or spend time with friends...sometimes, unfortunately, I am forced to spend time cleaning after avoiding it for too long. Then other times I do absolutely nothing. I might read, flip through magazines, or watch TV. And this time that I cherish so much, it goes by WAY too fast. Probably because I try to do everything during the weekend that I can't do during the week, due to this thing called work that I do every day. Like, spend the check that I get twice a month that somehow disappears shortly after I get it!

I have found a way to make my weekends seem to come around quicker. I will share my little secret with you. By looking forward to "Hump Day", rather than the weekend, I have a shorter week. Try it. After a glorious weekend, look forward to Wednesday...you only have to wait 2 days! Then, after you reach Wednesday, there are only 2 days until the weekend!! Then, after your fantastic 48 hours of free time, there are only 2 days until its "Hump Day" again. I swear, it keeps me sane, and keeps me going. Plus, I really look forward to saying "Happy Hump Day." Heh heh,  I said "hump". Heh heh. Ahem, ok, sorry.

What keeps you going throughout the week? What different things do you do on the weekends that make your weekends special?


  1. you know... maybe that's what I need to do as well!! (also - I too like to say HUMP DAY - and mean it in the dirtiest sense sometimes!) ;) hooking up with my fav twitter peeps (like YOU!!) on Fridays is also something I look forward to (especially on Hubs' work nights!) I'm going to try your method of looking forward to Wednesday and see if it helps me get through the week :) Thanks for sharing your brilliance!!


    *humping optional ;)

  2. Happy Hump Day! :>

    I honestly just try to get through each day, the day themselves and often try not to pay attention to what day it is (other than remembering anything that needs to be done on a particular day or date! :>) and the weekend tends to appear faster....most of the time (except when I get it into my head that a Monday is a Friday and then I'm aching for Hump Day!! ;>).

    While getting out & doing fun activities either with family or friends or both is great, I also love at home chill time with Hubby & the kidlets. Makes it feel like there's time to stop, take a breath, and refresh.

  3. So funny- I do the same thing. I work all day on Weds, so it's my mid-week. After Weds, I have 1 more work afternoon, and then I'm mommy all day Friday. It totally helps the week go faster- awesome tip!

  4. All my days blend together. There's no way to differentiate my weekend from my weekdays. :(


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