Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Need a Swift Kick!

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Feeling Sluggish
I don't know what is wrong with me lately. I've been blaming the time change but I don't know how 1 measley hour could ruin my entire week! I think that every night, it was hard for me to go to bed on time so I was staying up later than normal, and still getting up early so each day I was getting more and more behind on sleep. I did manage to run 3 mornings, (12.2 miles total), but did nothing else. And I mean NOTHING. I usually do DVD's on my off-days: pilates, yoga, or whatever. But I was just so tired. I hated waking up in the morning and having it be pitch black outside. I just wanted to stay in bed. I told myself I would do my DVD's this weekend, and so far, nothing still and its Sunday and I've just resigned to start fresh next week.

Fighting Sickness
Both of my kids had yucky coughs last week, and my husband had the dreaded flu and now has a nasty, and I mean, nasty sinus infection. How I have managed to avoid the plague so far, I don't know. But I also think that's why I was feeling was taking all I had to fight the germies. I had a mild but annoying head ache 3 days in a row that is finally gone I think. Head aches make me want to do nothing but SLEEP too.

Looking for Inspiration
I belong to this great running group on Facebook that totally inspires me. Women of all levels, from new runners to seasoned triathletes share their triumphs, their struggles, fears -  and seek and give advice. I don't always have time to participate in the discussions but I read them all. The last few days that I haven't exercised (last day I ran was Thursday), I have run vicariously through my online friends. It helps to keep me from losing my focus, or losing sight of what I should be doing even if I am not up to it. I hope this monsoon-like rain stops soon, its supposed to be the first day of spring and I am feeling instead like I should be wrapped up in a blanket and hunkering down for the winter!

Staying In-Tune with ME
I had a big appetite this week and knew I was eating more than I was burning. (I had pizza twice). But, I think my body was telling me something. It was saying, REST. And NOURISH yourself. And I listened.

How has the time change affected you? Is it feeling like the first day of spring where you live?


  1. It seems like everyone is fighting sickness these days.
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    No Germs there!

  2. The time change has kicked my behind too. Can't seem to get myself going in the mornings yet. On the bright side, the time change has my son sleeping later in the mornings, for now. I'll take that as long as I can get it!

    Thanks for following my blog! Following back now!

  3. I live in South Florida. The last week has been beautiful!! I know how you feel with the time change, we've been eating late.

    It's nice to meet another work outside the home blogger. Thanks for following.. following back.

    Hope everyone gets well!

  4. Spring seems like it's trying to peek out here. But, now it's supposed to snow again. Which is extending my funk. I can't stand 6 months of winter!!

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  6. I had such a rough week with the time change, too. I hate getting up in the morning as it is, but to make it an hour earlier - UGH! :)

  7. The time change has killed me this year. I'm blaming the new baby. This cold season has been horrible, too. Everyone I know has had the gunk since early fall. Spring can't happen fast enough.

  8. I've actually started picking up the pace again, broken toe and all. I tweaked my eating habits so they are full of whole grains and more fruits. But I've also had more time to adjust to the time change as it happened a couple of weeks ago in Brazil

  9. for some reason this time change went really well in our house...despite my sister in law and her 2 year old being here and throwing off the sleeping a little! It is a challenge getting dinner on time as it is so light out still, but I am also loving the extra daylight! I started my funk way before the time change and am stepping out of it right now thanks to a re commitment to my nutrition - I am kicking it off with a 3 day Shakeology Cleanse!!! I will be blogging about my results tomorrow when I am finished but so far I am down 5 pounds in 2 days and feeling amazing :)

  10. I need to listen to my body. Thanks for sharing that..The running group sounds fun..I'd like to find a running group in my new neighborhood..Happy Saturday:)


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