Friday, July 8, 2011

Fitness Plan +

Me and Monkey at the lake in 2008. Buddha is inside my belly.
My oldest and dearest friends and all of our families are going to Lake Don Pedro for several days of boating and camping on July 20th.  One of our friends has been panicking a wee bit about her body in anticipation of this trip. The last time we did this trip with the same group, I was almost 7 months pregnant with Buddha. I was the lucky one who had a nice excuse for being a little plump. I had an adorable maternity bathing suit and didn't even have to worry about how I looked. I've got to say, it was nice.

At this point, I don't try to compete with 25 year olds. I'm a mother of two, I do my best to stay fit and healthy, and that is all I can ask for. At this stage in my life I am hearing about more friends of friends battling breast cancer, husbands keeling over from heart attacks unexpectedly and other horrible health related news. Believe me, I can be as vain as the next woman and want to feel good about my appearance. I just feel that I am doing what is manageable for me in the fitness department and have better things to do than obsess. While I am not a MILF, I enjoy what I eat and drink in moderation, and believe that I am pretty healthy. I'm not aiming for skinny.

That being said, my running buddy (who is also going on this trip) and I have challenged ourselves to kick it up a notch before we spend several days drinking margaritas, eating barbecue and wearing our bathing suits for all to see. I believe that our bodies get complacent if we are always doing the same thing. Running and some form of Jillian are always part of my plan. We have challenged ourselves to do crunches (100 for me, 75 for her) and pushups (20 for both plus other arm weight exercises for me) every day until we leave for our trip. Planning to do it every day is easy to keep track of. Instead of "I think I did the ab/pushup challenge 3x this week", every day it will be, either I did it or I didn't. And if I haven't yet, I better before I go to bed!

So far I am on day 2. I am really stoked about this, although laughing a bit at how my abs were literally spasming after I was done! But I can already see a difference and know that I will be very happy I did this come July 20! I would love to post more photos of the last trip, because we had so much fun. But my friends would kill me.

Have a great weekend everyone!! Summer is in full swing!


  1. I might have to disagree on the MILF :) You look great in the photos we see. But I think your outlook is super healthy. I've really started to come around to realizing that a goal weight is nice, but a goal size and feeling is better. And I'm getting to be okay when I fall off the diet wagon a little. I just get back on, not so concerned about the derailment.

  2. You're gonna feel great come July 20th!

  3. I think that is a great attitude to have. I have had to start getting in shape for the health of it. ;) Vanity wasn't getting me anywhere. I think you will look great come July 20th, have a great time!

  4. Congrats on the fitness plan! You're right, no need to compete with the 25 year olds, there's more important things. But I have to say I'm waaayyyy more vain than you. :s Keep up the great work you MILF!

  5. Thanks guys! I am still doing it, almost a week later. I skipped one day because I went to happy hour, but doubled up the next day to make up for it. It's not so bad and I wish I had been doing something like this all along. It just takes a few minutes (ok like 10) and you're done!


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