Saturday, November 5, 2011

Leaving the Pediatrician with a Heavy Heart

My Buddha is turning 3 next week. I can't believe how the time has flown by. It seemed like only yesterday that he was in my arms in the hospital. I didn't want to leave there, I even stayed an extra day. So we could be together, just me and him...spending our days cuddling. It was the BEST.

So sweet, peaceful and precious
He had his check up and we found out he's in the 75th percentile for height, which has been the case for him all along. And 95th percentile for weight! He is quite a solid ton of bricks, I hardly ever pick him up anymore.

Even though he's only going to be 3, we have felt he's been a little behind on his speech development. Everyone we know says not to worry, so-and-so didn't speak until they were 4 and they are fine. Well, we've been patient for the last year, and he's improved a lot, especially since he's been in preschool. His pediatrician recommended we go to the school district, as they provide speech therapy for free after 3 and we can also get his hearing checked.

During the appointment, Buddha did not really engage much with the Dr. Toward the end, Dr. A dropped these very HEAVY WORDS. "I don't want to alarm you..."

Oh God, what now?

"I am concerned about his speech patterns. He seems to make some very repetitive sounds, that are not really words. And the words he does use are almost like pre-canned phrases that he has heard on TV. Also, he hasn't really made any eye contact or shown interest in me since I have walked in the room."

Ugh. He referred me to a developmental pediatrician, one that charges steep hourly fees and doesn't take insurance. He is concerned that he is showing signs of Autism spectrum disorder, and says to take him in as soon as possible for evaluation.

It could be nothing. OR, it could really be something. I hate the unknown.

Me and My Sweet Buddha


  1. No matter the outcome, just know that you have a beautiful little boy, that loves you the same...and what do they know anyway, they get it wrong a lot!!!

  2. How scary. Just take each day one step at a time, go with your gut and know that you WILL make the best choices for (not so) little Buddah. Hang in there.

  3. You are right! I absolutely do love my sweetie pie no matter what. I don't like that feeling of "something could be wrong" and we have to make an appointment they said will be about 3 weeks out. The waiting game! Grrr! We are also going to look into alternate places to take him that don't charge $450/hr for an eval!

  4. (((HUGS)))

    I know what you're feeling and you're not alone. But, I know how overwhelming and scary it can all be. Whatever happens, trust your gut and that sweet, cute boy you've got there. I'm wishing you and your whole family the best wherever this journey leads you.

  5. Thank you for your support Karen! I may have more questions for you down the road! xoxo

  6. So sorry that you are going through this. Such a scary thing for a Mommy to deal with. Thinking about you.


  7. Thank you April! I'm sort of feeling numb at this point.

  8. Oh no, isn't there anyone else he can refer you to? I hope the evaluation goes well. Can you do some research on your own about it or ways to work with him at home? He is adorable, hon!

  9. Aleksandra, we decided to listen to our instincts. I think it was a bad sequence of events in the dr. office that made him have those observations. We actually are changing health plans the first of the year anyway, so we will be getting another opinion but we think everything is going to turn out ok. :)


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