Monday, August 6, 2012

Product Review: Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice

When I received a pack of Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice to review, I was pretty excited. I received a packet of information that boasted some pretty impressive things. For starters, Cheribundi was featured on the Dr. Oz show last year. Health benefits shared on the show included faster pain relief caused by sports and every day activities, encouraging natural melatonin production to aid sleep, and fighting triglycerides which are often the cause for heart disease. Wow. This juice, chock full of antioxidants, sounded really effective.

I like cherries and cherry pie but had never had cherry juice before. I was a little unsure if I'd like the taste, but when I realized I had four different flavors to try I figured I had to like one of them! The first one I tried was the Skinny Cherry, which I was drawn to for the lower sugar content. At only 17 (still high to me) grams of sugar, it was much lower than the other flavors which were between 28- 32g. It was very tart - no surprise here - and I found myself wishing it was a little sweeter. However, always looking for solutions, I decided that I didn't have to drink it on its own and I used it to flavor one of my morning spinach-protein-banana smoothies. Good stuff! The next one I tried was the Ginger Cherry which was actually really good and I enjoyed that over ice. Tru Cherry was much sweeter than the Skinny, at 28 grams of sugar that was no shocker. I did enjoy the flavor but found myself making a blueberry-banana-spinach smoothie with this blend. The Cacao Cherry was a little tough for me but this is not typically a flavor combination I like anyway.

Cheribundi juice is the antioxidant leader among other cherry juices, acai, mango, orange, noni juices -  as well as other well known antioxidant-rich fruits such as grapes, pomegranates and blueberries. Within 4 days of adding this juice to your diet, you can battle free-radicals and repair cell damage inside of your body with a high dose of anthocyanins. Antho-what? These are a specific class of antioxidants which have a high concentration in Cheribundi.

Cheribundi is sold in stores, but I have been given a sample 4 pack which I will send out to one lucky reader to try for free. Comment below if you have ever tried Cherry juice and what area you need help with (pain, sleep or heart disease). Winner will be chosen randomly on Friday, August 10, 2012.

Cheers to Cheribundi!

*giveaway open to US readers only.


  1. I have never tried Cheribundi, but would love to, especially after reading your blog. I have had chronic neck/upper back pain for the past 5 years and have struggled to sleep at night in bed. It seems the only place I can get somewhat comfortable is on the couch. I have tried so many avenues to relieve my pain with no avail. The pain causes me to wake up in the middle of the night, and then I have a hard time falling back asleep. I would love to find a product to help with my pain and sleepless nights. Thank you for doing this giveaway.

  2. I have tried the skinny before to help me sleep!

  3. Haven't tried it, but would love to.. I'm a frequent headache sufferer.

  4. I haven't tried it either. I don't sleep well at all, despite how exhausted I feel by the end of the day.

  5. I haven't tried it, but would love anything to help my sleep. Despite being exhausted at the end of everyday, I don't sleep well.

  6. I have hip pain :( and that sometimes keeps me from sleeping. I would like to try it for pain and sleeping.

    1. You are the winner! Email your contact info to me so I can send it out ASAP. Congrats!

  7. We don't drink juice here, but can totally see using some in smoothie or combining it with something else. And since we've never tried Cheribundi before, we'll be on the look out for it and give it a whirl!


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