Sunday, September 18, 2011

Feeling Fancy: Nutty Kale Surprise - Smoothie

My breakfast in a stemless martini glass!
It wasn't so bad adjusting back to being home after my glorious weekend in Seattle with my oldest and dearest friends. Sure, I miss the spa, the great meals, the company of course, and not having to wipe anyone else's butt. I did come home to a spotless house because like a smart woman I scheduled house cleaners to come in and do a DEEP (and I do mean DEEP) clean right before I left. I was not overwhelmed when I returned. I did all my household laundry before my trip so when I returned I mostly had only my vacay laundry to do. I was right on schedule.

I drool over this type of selection, am I crazy?

While I got to enjoy visiting Pikes Place Market last weekend, I did miss out shopping at our local Farmer's Market. I got to go yesterday with both of my sons before baseball practice and stocked up on kale! It's been over a week since my last green smoothie and I was having a craving!! Apparently Monkey was too, as he asked for one also. I love it!!!

I decided to mix it up a bit this time. Of course, I used some of my favorite ingredients that I typically use in my kale smoothies with a little addition!

Nutty Kale Surprise
2 large kale leaves, hard stems removed and chopped
1 cup blueberries
1 ripe banana
2 tablespoons crunchy almond butter
1 cup crushed ice
1/2 cup water
1 cup non-dairy "milk" of your choice

Whirrrrrrrrr it up and you're done! Voila!

I loved the crunch of the almond butter! It also made crunching the bits of kale, which I really don't mind at all, less noticeable. I find banana makes my smoothies sweet enough, but some of you may want additional sweetener in the form of a non-sugar such as Stevia or even a maple syrup. Enjoy!!!

Have you tried almond butter? I bought it for myself and thought I could sub it out sometimes in my son's sandwiches but he's not having it. He didn't even mention it in his smoothie this morning, so I guess the Deceptively Delicious concept worked in my favor here!

Stay smart and delicous!


  1. That looks so yummy I want some. I've never seen almond butter at the store so I'm guessing I may have to make some myself.

  2. That looks so delicious! We love almond butter in our house and thank goodness because peanut butter is hard to come by around here!

  3. I love almond butter with a passion. It is so yummy with thinly sliced apples & a drizzle of honey as a sandwich or dip. I also think it is divine with my Nana's homemade fig preserves.

    I don't drink smoothies very often because I have issues with "thick" drinks, but maybe making them with a non-dairy milk would combat the mouth-feel.

  4. That looks delish! I soooo love Pikes Place, though I haven't been there since 2000 for our honeymoon. :< I'm glad you had a fantastic time and were such a smart gal, getting everything out of the way before hand (I definitely need to work on that one myself). Hope your boys are starting to feel better...apparently, I'm reading your posts in reverse! lol :>

  5. Barbara, really? Did not know that peanut butter was scarce in your country!
    Dana, I agree almond butter is just deelish. You can think out the smoothies with water or perhaps try juicing (with kale and others), that might work!
    Karen, you are too funny. The boys are on the mend. Thanks! :)


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