Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Sickies

Watching TV and taking it easy :(
 Wow. Not even one month into school and the kids are sick. An annoying, 2+ week lingering sick that is not so bad that they are still home, but bad enough that they are not 100%.

The Buddhameister went to preschool twice, and then missed 2 days, which is really a week since he only goes 2x per week. He was diagnosed with an ear infection, and prescribed antibiotics. He also had a really gnarly, disgusting potty accident at school...I swear I felt like we should have tipped his teachers for having to clean him up when I saw the plastic ziploc bag that contained his clothes when he came home that day. That became a a week long problem and there was NO WAY we were taking him back until that was cleared up.

The Monkey-man was diagnosed with a sinus infection, which he seems to get EVERY single time he gets a cold. He was prescribed the same antibiotics as Buddha, and unlike his brother is awesome about taking his medicine. That unfortunate thing is that this is the second time this particular medicine has failed to make him well before the prescription is finished. Now, he's got a cough to boot. So we'll probably have to take him back to the dr. or just get another prescription called in like we did last time.

Is there such a thing as a tolerance to antibiotics, like alcohol? I think Monkey has developed some kind of tolerance to this medicine. He's 5 and has been getting prescribed the same antibiotic since he was a toddler. I can't figure out why it's not working!

I hope Buddha overcomes his illness without incident. We have to take him back to get his ears checked. But considering the fact he spat out about half of his medicine each time we gave it to him, I'm not confident it's all cleared up. Our pediatrician is always quick to prescribe, which, when my kids are sick I am happy to get anything that I think might make them better. But I wonder if that's not always the best approach. I hope health is around the corner for my family!

What is your stance on prescriptions? Have your kids already picked up back-to-school bugs or have they managed to escape classroom germs?


  1. I'm so sorry everyone is sick. I hope they get better soon. When our son first started going to daycare he was sick EVERY week for the first six months. We joked with our pediatrician that he should give us a discount since we saw him so often.

  2. Just a suggestion for the sinus infection that has worked wonders for us . . . go to a farmer's market/food stand and buy LOCAL honey (from your state or close to your area). Give 1-2 spoonfuls a day and the sinus infection will clear up. Either take it just by the spoon or start adding it to their food (cereal/toast/etc). My baby used to be on a nebby, middle daughter on an inhaler, and oldest has always been on Zyrtec, husband used to have prescription allergy/sinus meds and ever since we have started doing this=NOTHING!! I promise it works.

    BTW, yes, you can build an immunity to antibiotics.

    april@Party of Five

  3. Wow, really April? That is amazing. I will definitely be trying this! Thank you.

  4. aww! I hope he feels better! I think some of the strains that are out there now are harder to beat. We aren't too big on prescription meds for our kids. we only take antibiotics when there is a bacterial infection, avoid flu shots, etc. I can't claim a correlation, but we've been fortunate that my kids don't get really sick that often (knock on wood). my husband used to be an ER nurse. we usually wait a virus out 3 days and take them in to the doc if the fever has been high or not responsive to aggressive tylenol/motrin combo punch. Docs are quick to prescribe antibiotics even when it is viral "just in case". My friends take it whenever they can, and I've heard stories from them of being on antibiotics one week, then a few weeks later their kids get sick again and they are on another round of antibiotics. I don't know the balance, but too much of it can't be a good thing!

  5. Oh no, hope they get better soon. This strain of flu seems to go a 2nd round just as it's going away, duh! I'm not a fan of antibiotics so for us, it's lots of fluids, vitamins and washing hands.

  6. I was prescribed erythmomycin (sp?) for skin problems when I was in high school and to this day it does ZERO for me in curing anything. I beg for penicillin every time and it's always a fight. I hope they feel better soon!

  7. Thanks for all the helpful feedback. Both of my kids were not well by the end of their round of antibiotics! They have both been taking the same thing since they were small, and I guess it is now ineffective. I am definitely getting us some honey at the Farmer's Market tomorrow...and we will refrain from running straight to the dr.'s office next time the boys are sick.

  8. Oh, poor boys. So hard when our li'l ones are sick. We've been fortunate that our kidlets haven't had many infections. I think they've only been on antibiotics once each. Plenty of viruses, but only one ear infection and no sinus infections. But, I was reading what April wrote about honey. We don't give our kidlets much medicine at all, just occasionally tylenol (actually generic, but I can't spell that...lol). But, we do use organic honey for coughs (just a little bit on a spoon). After reading what April wrote, I wonder if that plays into it. I know local honey helps with allergies and is an antiseptic, but now she has me wondering about other wonderful properties. Hope your boys feel a whole lot better soon! :>

  9. What a big, fat bummer getting sick so early in the school year (or ever, really). As everyone said, you definitely can build up an immunity to antibiotics. Our pediatrician tries really hard not to prescribe them for that reason. I hope the boys come out on the other side of the nasties very soon!

  10. We are on day 2 of local honey! Hope it works for us! :)


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