Friday, September 23, 2011

iMapMyRun is Keeping Me Honest

Since school has started for my kids I have had a heck of a time getting into a solid fitness routine but I am slowly but surely working on it. Thanks to my iPhone, I have been able to help make the little things count. I started using iMapMyRun to track my runs, and I love how the GPS tracker shows me where I'm going because I have been known to just start running if I have some time and don't have a route mapped out. The program tracks your time, your pace, and you can save your workouts. You can even share them on Twitter and Facebook.

The first time I used it I was squeezing in a run between dropping my son off at school at 7:45, and volunteering in his class at 8:30. I had a finite period of time to run, and had never spent a lot of time around his school to know what it was like to run around there. I started tracking my route, and thanks to the GPS I could see ahead of time potential streets to turn down, as well as the distance back to my starting point and how much time I had left. Now I have several different routes I have saved and rotate through them on Fridays when I volunteer at school.

You don't have to be running to use iMapMyRun. You can use it when cycling or walking or other workouts too. You can even see the elevation during your workout. This program has been a lifesaver for me. With increased demands on my time, I've had to start fitting in little things like walking at lunch and have calculated that a direct walk to Whole Foods  from my office is 1/4 mile, but if I go the long way I can stretch it to 1/2 mile. The Target going the opposite direction is even just a tad further, and I feel awesome knowing that I got off my butt and also spared the air and saved money on gas. I have also calculated avoiding the clusterf*ck drop-off loop at my son's school and parking far away gets me another 1/4 mile in while walking to his classroom. So now I am approaching exercise from the opposite direction, to track small walks and see how much distance I can get. Yeah, I'm a dork like that but this is pretty awesome. 

Have you tried iMapMyRun or a similar program? How do you track your workouts? 


  1. I have tried the iMapMyRun app but I have used it on the computer. Right now I'm using Nike+GPS. I like that it has Power Songs that when I'm getting close to a milestone that I can push a button and one of my favorite songs will come on. Also, it posts on FB that I am starting a run so anytime someone either comments or "likes" the fact that I started a run, it automatically sends me applause and motivation. It is really cool.

    Glad this app is working for you.

    BTW, I drive 25 minutes just to get to a Whole Foods each week. I don't know what I'd do if it was 1/4 mile away. Definitely be a lot poorer :)

    april@Party of Five

  2. Never thought about using it on my phone, I do use it on the pc.

  3. I had never hear of MapMyRun. Thank you so much!!

  4. I'm still using an old school phone & while it is in serious need of an update, the new one will probably still be old no apps for me. But, good for you for making it work for you and what you need in your day! :>

  5. No but I am totally going to check this out! Awesome. Ps: I've had a really hard time too. Just so busy and out of my routine. But this is really inspiring.

  6. April, I live far from Whole Foods which is probably a good thing. However, it is just a stones throw from my office. I just ate there today!
    Elle, you should totally try it on your iphone! It's awesome.
    Karen, sometimes I wish I had an old school phone. Sometimes I feel like one of those people that is always walking around looking at their phone. Maybe because...I am.
    Jill, check out the app! It's fun!

  7. I love iMap my run but the app updated a few weeks ago and my GPS no longer works. I am very sad.

  8. Kristin that sounds like some kind of glitch! Hope its fixes itself!


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