Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Littlest Birdy Has Left The Nest!

Could it be possible - my youngest has headed off to preschool. I know, its only 2 days a week, for 2-1/2 hours. But its still a really big deal.

It's a big deal that on his first day, he ran straight into the classroom with no reservations.

My sweet Buddha baby! All grown up!

It's a big deal that he had the confidence to head over to the Thomas the train toys, which he loves and just dive right in.

It's a big deal that he felt comfortable with his teacher, and followed her around as she blew bubbles.

He loves bubbles!!

It's a big deal that he kept it together when other kids came over and started playing with "his" toys.

Checking each other out
The biggest deal of all is that I left, and he didn't cry. He was excited to be there, in the care of other people and in the company of other kids besides his brother.

At pick up, the teacher said he had a great first day. That was music to this mama's ears.


  1. I am so glad he had such a great first day!! He is the cutest thing in the entire world!

  2. Aww... You know what else is a big deal? Being a Mama and appreciating all of his Big Deal moments! We want our kidlets to grow and thrive, but it doesn't make it any less hard to watch them hit those major milestones, like first day of preschool or kindergarten. I look at my own and just wonder how they got so darn BIG! :> Glad yours are doing so well and thriving! :>

  3. Congrats on a great first day of preschool! It looks like he will be very happy there, which I'm sure is a huge relief. Man, they grow up fast!

  4. You must be one proud mama to have such an independent little guy. He totally looks like he was enjoying himself there :)

  5. Awww, he looks so happy at pre-school!! Congrats, that is a big accomplishment and he is so cute!

  6. My youngest starts preschool this year and I'm both excited and nervous for her. *Sigh*, they grow up way too fast!

  7. What a cutie! He looks so grown up!

  8. Aw! This is all wonderful, for child and mama. :)

  9. Awww, this makes me a little sad. But go him for being so confident! I know it was a big day for me when Wee 'Burb was able to go into daycare on her own and just give me a quick goodbye. But that took awhile.


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