Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Time Commitments? What?

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Ok, so my 4 year old started t-ball today. I am stoked for my boy to start getting involved in sports! But here it all begins...the time and financial commitments that I hear parents of older children groan about. Fortunately, for his age group the games are only on the weekends and there are no weekday practices. And, through the YMCA the cost is only $55. Believe me, I am not complaining yet, but the thought of what's to come is a little daunting. Next year, he will be in the league that practices once during the week and has a game on the weekends, and my little guy will be in the league that also has a game on the weekends - at a different time. It only goes on and up from there!

Fortunately, my husband is off on Saturdays. The field where my son plays t-ball is on the same block as my gym. Today, my husband, my 4 year old and my nearly 2 year old drove over to the field. I popped my toddler in the stroller and he went to the child care center at the gym - which is awesome by the way - while I went to work out. I may have felt a tad guilty for not being there to watch his first game, but not too much. See, my oldest tends to act differently, maybe  a bit more babyish around me and more needy since I'm his "nurturer". And, with his dad working so much I really felt that they needed this time together. And my baby, who doesn't go to preschool yet and doesn't see many friends beyond  a weekly music class he goes to really enjoys going there to play with new toys and new kids.

So actually, this is all working out to be quite a positive experience for everyone. And I have no excuses to miss my Saturday morning workouts, save the flu, since I can't blame my kids or family commitments. Since he doesn't start until 11, I am pretty sure there will be plenty of mornings that me and the little guy will leave early in our own car so I can work out and then watch t-ball afterwards. I am quite excited for the season!

What sports do your kids play? How do you juggle school, homework, practice, games and meals??

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  1. I don't have my own kids yet but I see how my older sis spend time with her husband and children.She works too and she finds time to play bowling with them.


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