Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My New Inspiration

Consider me INSPIRED. I stumbled upon Gabby Reece's website http://www.gabbydaily.com/ recently, because I am a huge fan of her husband, big wave surfer Laird Hamilton. Let's just say he is a hottie. And amazing. I remember Gabby's volleyball days and I remember years ago hearing about how she married Laird and they have a couple of adorable daughters. They are fit,  healthy, and socially responsible people that I respect.  Not fake and phony Hollywood yahoos. In my quest for finding a way to "do it all" I found that Gabby's website is exactly what I am looking for. She blogs about being a Mom, daily frustrations, making fitness goals and eating healthy. Even better, she posts work outs - which are great because they are something different than what I usually do and so far have been things I can squeeze in at home while my kids are playing or sleeping.

I will never be 6 ft. tall, gorgeous and married to Laird Hamilton, but, someone as cool as Gabby making herself so accessible and so real is what I find inspiring. She deals with the same struggles we all do, and being beautiful and in shape and eating right while taking care of her family is just as challenging as it is for any one of us. I am having fun (and working hard) adding her work outs to my routine and look forward to trying her recipes as well.

Wishing you inspiration in your every day life.

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