Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Off To A Good Start

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Speedy drive to work today

Can I Have Just One More Day, Please??
I realize how lucky I have been to have had time off toward the end of the year. I have been at my job about 9 months, working for a small privately owned company. My boss is actually a friend - he is the husband of a college friend of mine. He is my age and has children as well, so the environment around our office is pretty family-friendly. I do already work from home each Friday so that I can pick my older son up from school that day, which is a nice bonus. I have been working hard to prove myself and feel like my contribution is valued, which I guess it is since they let me have a week off! I have accrued the time, and fortunately our business is a little slow at the end of the year so it made sense. It went by slowly and I truly enjoyed my time. However, as Monday approached, I was just dreading it. I slept in for as long as possible on Sunday and despite doing a yoga DVD was otherwise as lazy as could be.

Rough Morning
I should have felt more well rested, but as I mentioned in my previous post we had an unexpected New Year's bash which came on the heels of our fast and furious whirlwind trip to Disneyland - where we walked the park for many hours and stayed until it closed at midnight both nights we were there. Then, getting back into my running routine was of utmost importance this morning so I had the alarm set for 5:30 a.m. My kids were hard to put down for the night as I think they got too used to staying up late and just weren't ready. So, I think I finally got to sleep myself at about 10 ish. Then, about 2:30 a.m my 2 year old Buddha who was sleeping in his big brother's bed rolled out. He was still out but kind of crying in his sleep and Monkey came running out of his room to tell me. I was already on my way, swiftly put him back to bed but had to read my book for about 30 minutes or so before I was tired again. 5:30 a.m. came fast but I made it happen. My running buddy came over, we ran, I woke Monkey up for school, made breakfast, got us both ready, drove him to school and was on my way to work at 8:40 a.m. I was so tired! First of all, it was cold so I had the heater blasting in my car, which almost made me sleepy. I was super ecstatic that there was NO TRAFFIC. It was a slow day and I hit the wall at work in the afternoon. I was drowsy driving home but I made it in one piece.

Tomorrow Will Be Easier, I Hope
Tonight, I am putting my kids to bed early and will not watch any TV or read my book as I have a running date tomorrow morning again. Yeah!! I do hope to eat better. While I had a nicely portioned healthy lunch for myself I could not resist the delicious Tim Tam cookies that my co-worker brought in. They were sent over from Australia and they send him a few packages about 2x per year, so I was treating it like a special occasion. Self-sabatoge! I will do my best to avoid them tomorrow! Off to bed so I can get back in my routine of going to bed early and getting enough sleep!

Hope your New Year is off a great start as well! How was your first day back to the grind? Did you have any challenges?


  1. Happy New Year!

    Awesome that you found a job that allows some flexibility!

    You read my challenges, traveling was a nightmare!

    Hope you're feeling more well-rested as the week goes on!

  2. Happy New Year! Yes, it was certainly hard for me to get back at it. Sigh. But it sounds like you had such a FUN New Years celebration. And Disney Land... LOVE!

    Thanks for stopping by Mommy Delicious. I am following you back via GFC and I have followed you on Twitter as well @MommyDelicious.

  3. Hi following you from the Hop!

    I need some flexibility!!!!


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