Thursday, January 20, 2011

Simplifying My Life One Lame Show at a Time

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 I'm really not terribly opinionated. Well, I have my opinions but I definitely do not try not to push them on other people.  I certainly won't tell you NOT to watch American Idol this year or The Bachelor for that matter.

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But, I have given up. Part of the new me, the true me, knows better than to spend 2 nights of my life watching AI. I know its all new now that J LO and Steven Tyler are judging and that Kara and Simon are gonzo. I like to be in the know, but I just don't have time. I love Aerosmith's music but Steven Tyler as a judge just isn't enough of a draw for me to watch it!  I might start watching toward the end, when it gets down to the last few competitors...but I have officially canceled my recordings on Tivo that I have had set for the last several seasons.

Same with The Bachelor, isn't it just the same thing every season anyway? New crying, bitchy, bimbos. More exotic vacations that create an unrealistic basis for a real relationship. And I just simply don't have 2 hours to dedicate to the nonsense every week. Again, never say never - I could very possibly tune in toward the end of the season, when the obvious choices have been weeded out. I also canceled my recordings for this show, and I feel almost like a little weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I will no longer turn on my TV and think, "Oh, I am going to have to watch that when I get some time." I have decided getting enough sleep for my morning workouts and trying to better maintain my household are more important. Although, not all TV watching is bad! I did manage to put away some laundry and dust my bedroom last night while catching up on Showtime's Californication and Shameless, which are two of my favorite shows. Since when did I become so boring? I know even having Showtime goes against my "simplify and save" mantra but I truly enjoy so many of the programs. I did, however cancel my HBO after "Entourage" went off season so we are still cutting back.

Are you watching the "new" American Idol? Do you like it? Are you a fan of The Bachelor? Do you actually sit and watch your TV shows or do you try to get other things done while your shows are on?


  1. I did watch Idol last night and thought Steven Tyler and JLo actually did a great job. I won't watch, though, until it gets to the actual show. I get so embarassed for the people who think they can sing but can't.

    I told myself I was not going to get sucked into the Bachelor but I am. Yes, I sit and watch them but usually after everyone goes to bed.

  2. I'm a Bachelor watcher HOWEVER, not a fan of 2 HOURS of it. SO glad I have a DVR in these situations!! =)

  3. I have never ever been a Bachelor watcher. it just never caught my attention. American Idol- I watched the first season and that was it, this season for far its okay, its still too soon to tell if I'm going to keep watching it. I love reality TV, but I never just sit and watch something. I'm always multitasking, always its a skill that is mandatory when you are a mom.

  4. I haven't watched Idol yet this season but alot of people are saying its better. I might have to check it out next week.

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  5. I actually enjoy the new Amercian Idol more than I thought I would...Love the Title of your blog~new follower via GFC from the Saturday Stalk~Shari

  6. Sorry...I don't watch any of those shows.

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  7. I think I saw only one episode of The Bachelor.

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  8. I am not a real fan of American Idol until about the last 6 for Bachelor I do watch from time to time..I hate to admit it but I do..But since I do have a little ADHD I am always doing about 6 things while watching tv..I found your blog via a saturday blog hop...have a wonderful weekend...when you get a chance head on over to my blog..

    thank you sherry,

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  10. I stopped watching the Bchelor seasons ago for the very reason you stated - it just seemed like the same things with different people & I really didn't care if they found love or not - it just didn't seem real anyway!

    As for AI - i watched this week. I am still on the fence. I will wait until I see the talent that will be competing on the show. I am going to take a break and come back for Hollywwod week and see what I think then, 2x a week is just too much to devote on auditions - though I do get a real kick out of the bad ones!

    New follower checking out & following your blog! Looking forward to what else comes along!

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  11. Well, I'm weird. We don't watch tv. We have thought about canceling cable all together, but then we wouldn't have any football games...and that would be just sinful! ;) I let my kids watch 30 min to an hour a day of Dino Dan (which I dvr b/c they love it) while I'm trying to cook dinner or take a shower or something, but that is it. We try make better use of our time. :) I think your right on mama!!

  12. I watched my first Idol last week and I must say I'm impressed with the new judges. There are still too many contestants to hold my attention just yet but I think in a few weeks I'll be back.


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