Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crib To Bed - Selfish Thoughts

So today we went to IKEA as a family to pick up our Buddha's new bedroom set. I know a lot of kids go from crib to toddler bed, but our family skips that step. Maybe its because we're too cheap, we don't have much free time to spend shopping, or that the toddler bed phase is SO incredibly short (probably some combo of all of the above) but we go straight from crib to the whole shebang. My boys are tall for their age, and are going to grow rapidly taller so we don't even bother with a twin bed. Straight to full size we go. It wouldn't surprise me if by the time they are 15 they are going to need queen size. So might as well start getting our money's worth now....

I will definitely post pictures when its all done, but you know IKEA, I've got to wait for Chip to finish assembling everything. But the reason for my post is not to talk about the cute stuff we bought today but about my concerns regarding the transition from crib to bed.

During Monkey's Short Stint in his Crib

Both of my kids have always been pretty good sleepers - Monkey did a lot of co-sleeping but not the Buddha. From the get-go, he made his crib his own special little place and slept through the night, and napping religiously at the designated times of the day. He never woke up screaming or crying for us to retrieve him in the morning or any time for that matter. When he wakes up, he happily plays in his crib sometimes even up to an hour on days that I need some extra shut eye. I used to feel bad about doing this, but when I see how happy he is when I go into his room, I realize he hasn't been suffering at all. He plays with his cars or stuffed animals and pulls the covers over his head.

From Day 1, Buddha Was All Good Sleeping Solo

He has always been a consistent riser - 7 a.m., sometimes 7:30. Occasionally he will wake up before 7. So, I am wondering what I am going to do with my fabulous fitness plan?

I have been getting up pretty early to meet my running partner 3x per week. There are some days that I can hear Buddha stirring right before I leave, and I know that soon after I leave he is awake. Because he is contained in his crib and has never tried to get out, I have no concerns about leaving him. Remember, Chip works nights so I always let him sleep in and its my job to manage the boys and try to keep them quiet. Monkey is old enough to understand when I tell him Mommy is going running and he may not see me when he wakes up. I will occasionally find evidence that he has gone to look for me, usually my bedroom door and his bedroom door are open when I get back. But he just goes back to his room to sleep. But what is the Buddha going to do when he is in a bed?

There are a few disastrous scenarios I imagine. 1) He gets up, wanders around downstairs, or possibly goes out the front door; 2) I put a baby gate up in the hallway, so that he can leave his room and go visit his brother...possibly falling back to sleep with him OR waking up Monkey; 3) I put a baby gate up in his door way, and he wakes up, tries to get out - screams his head off when he realizes he is stuck and wakes up Monkey and Chip. Our front door is weird. The door handle is one that will open from the inside even if its locked. So, we have a latch we installed up at adult height that we close so that the kids can't get out. But if I go out that door in the morning the latch won't be closed. I could leave out the garage/side door to avoid this issue. I am definitely going to have him try to sleep in his new bed on non-running days. That way I can be there to figure out what might happen.

The other thing I wonder about is how he's going to adjust- right now we put him down in his crib and he goes down happily and without a fight. Will he be freaked out not want to stay in his room? Are we going to have to go all "Supernanny" on him and keep putting him back in his room and walking out? I wonder if my own sleep and already minimal personal time will suffer...and how long it will last. Ugh, I don't look forward to this.

Any suggestions on what I should do on my running mornings as a precaution? Of course, my husband is home but understandably dead to the world at the time we wake up. What issues did you have transitioning your kids from crib to bed? Part of me also wonders if I shouldn't fix what ain't broken. If he is happy in his crib, still has enough room and doesn't try to get out, should we just leave well enough alone.

I don't want to be Sleepless in Northern CA.


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  2. All my daughter wanted to do was get out and play. She cried a lot. It as so hard for us. Going on 5 months in a toddler bed now! good luvk.
    new follower

  3. I am reading with interest. We are thinking about Baby #2 and with that baby, that means Wee 'Burb would have to move to a bed. Like yours, she's a fantastic crib sleeper! She loves to play in her crib, sit and chat and giggle. I'm very worried about her moving to a bed!

  4. Oh, good luck! He sounds like an awesome sleeper so hopefully once he gets used to his new digs, he'll be fine.

    I'm sure there will be some transition issues but those will hopefully be short lived.

    I don't have any fabulous hard and fast rules here since my kiddos were terrible sleepers and never slept in cribs. We had beds from the get go.

    Good Luck :)

  5. Oh gosh. I honestly can't imagine my son staying in a bed. He's already tried to get out of his crib and wakes up screaming for me to come get him! Good luck. I'll be seeking advice from you! Enjoy your runs btw. I'm very impressed!

  6. We didn't do toddler beds with any of our children . . . straight to big beds. Our daughter has slept in a queen sized bed since 18 months old. We just pushed it against the wall and she never fell out or rolled over. We turned our son's daybed around when we first got it so the 3 ends created a crib-like environment but he was still able to crawl down off of the ends.

    Thanks for stopping by!
    April@Party of Five

  7. I am just impressed that you get up and run! Way to go! My kids wake so early and have never stayed in their beds. So no advice but keep it up! :) btw I'm a new follower.

  8. Oh the joys and anxieties of motherhood. I remember them well. Firstly I love that you call your lovely child Buddha! That just makes me grin...ours was called 'Blob' for ages until we could think of a name for him. When we finally got him out of his crib - his legs were hanging out almost by then- we put him into a proper bed. The first two nights he delighted in getting up because he could and visiting us in the lounge but after putting all his favourite toys in it and making it as comfortable as possible he decided to stay put until he was woken up...many years later I still had trouble getting him out of bed! :) I'm sure it'll all work out'll get a few wrinkles through worrying about him and he'll be fine. I guess that's what being a parent is all about.
    I came by because you must think I've been revoltingly rude in not coming to say thank you so much for passing your award onto me. I honestly just got behind on trying to visit everyone and now I feel awful. Many thanks for passing it to me I really appreciate it but I am embarrassed to say that I have already got it...however that doesn't prevent me from appreciating the thought.
    I hope to be back up to speed with commenting and visiting soon.
    Good luck with the bed...Buddha will love it.

  9. My problems were never in the morning when I moved my kids out of their cribs. Nap time is what suffered at my house. How old is he?

    I found a clock on Amazon that actually has a wake up light on it. It is great for kids that are to young to tell time. You just tell your child they are not aloud out of bed until the ligt turns green on the clock. Tell him he can look at books or play but can not get out of bed untill the light goes green. ~good luck and keep us posted as to how it is going.


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