Friday, August 19, 2011

Guilty Pleasure: Burrito Baby

Aaah. I call it a burrito baby because its HUGE. As I cradled it in my arms on my way back to my office, it was almost like a preemie. Seriously.

This burrito baby is a guilty pleasure. It is a veggie burrito and they did not hold back on the guacamole or cheese. At least I told them to hold the sour cream and got black beans instead of pinto. And, well, because its HUGE. I know, I said that already.

Not to mention, it  is from Whole Paycheck Foods. I love that place. But things aren't cheap there, and somehow I can never leave getting only what I went in for. Somehow my burrito baby ended up costing almost $20.

My only regret is that I devoured the whole thing and I need a nap.


  1. First off that looks delicious and I'm pretty sure I could have downed the entire thing too, but $20 - oh my!!

  2. You just might be my food twin! I have a big appetite too, and seeing your burrito pics makes me want to skip out of work to buy one of my own, mmm.

  3. What can i say, that would be the perfect lunch for me! :) It's a great blog - it makes me smile!
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  4. Mmmmm....that looks delicious! I want one.

  5. I LOVE BURRITOS! I have never gotten one at WF though! I didn't even know they had them. I used to go there and "sample" all of the soups and then buy a salad. Even the salads are over 10 dollars! Crazy. But yummy!

    Now I want a burrito.

    PS I LOVE that you call it a burrito baby.

  6. Mmm, love the buffet bar at WF. Was just dreaming about it the other day. Didn't know they had burritos tho', I will have to tell my son, he's a burrito freak. But $20 - hope it came with caviar and lobster filling LOL.

  7. Yes the burrito counter is usually next to where you order sandwiches. They are made to order!! The $20 total is because of all the other stuff I couldn't resist at WF...the burrito itself was only $7. :)

  8. Hi and welcome to Fitness Friday! I love burritos without the tortilla. Is it still a burrito?

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