Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Can I Bottle That Energy?

Swimming is his latest obsession!
He's our resident pirate....

He's our organic Farmer....

Future ice hockey player.....

Michael Phelps-in-training....

...a really good eater, too, after all the sports!

Now he's asking to play soccer too, and not in place of anything.  My Monkey barely turned 5, and is starting kindergarten next week.He doesn't even know what he would be getting himself into and we don't want him to bite off more than he can chew. He has SO much energy. Where does he get it? I am pretty active, but usually after all my activities I am pretty beat. This kid will go to his aquatics team work out and not even take a nap afterward. And, I have to put a big effort out to get him in bed and to sleep every night.

We are not signing him up for soccer, and we are actually cutting his swimming back from 4x/week to 2x/week once school starts. He will still go to his pre-alpha hockey class once a week on Saturday. He is going to a karate "buddy" day with a neighbor next week to check it out. I am totally happy that he has interests, and stays active and away from video games. He does looove TV though, but there will not be much time for that once school starts. I swear, if only I had half his energy!

How do you manage your child's activities with school and make sure they get enough rest? What guidelines do you set during the school year to make sure you aren't too much of a taxi and your child can get their homework done?


  1. It's good that he stays active and interested in sports. I'd just let him at it as long as he still have the time and energy for school work.

  2. Yea, I'd love to divise a way to transfuse some of my kidlets energy to me. I think it would make life a whole lot more managable. lol In the meantime, he just keeps moving constantly and she never stops jumping, no matter what she's doing! :>

    School can be tiring, but it certainly brings a lot of routine to the day and it's easier to tell from there whether a kidlet can or wants to take on more or cut back. We start school on Wednesday and I'm back to a 5:30am alarm...oy.

  3. It's good that he's active now and doesn't sit and watch much tv and stuff. It will help later on. However, school will definitely take a lot out of him once it gets going. Will he be doing full day or half day? Ours is full day and it tired my son out.
    As far as juggling it all...I'm the queen of that. lol Since I have more than one kid I limit them to 3 days of activities. Also, school comes first so if they fall behind the activity gets put on hold. Last year I was at our local rink 6 days a week. I thought I should just get a job there since I was there all the time. lol Good luck with everything!

  4. I would love to bottle some energy of my two girls.....I love the post!


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