Sunday, August 7, 2011

Leftovers Never Tasted So Good

Today for lunch I whipped together this baby:

Not as boring as it looks. Read on.
I spread a bit of red pepper hummus onto a whole wheat wrap. I cut up pieces of leftover bbq chicken from dinner last night, and added a couple big spoonfuls of my roasted zucchini, tomato and onion concoction I've been eating a lot for dinner lately, added a little salt and pepper and rolled it up. YUM.

This is what's hiding inside
What interesting things have you thrown together with left overs?


  1. I have had left over chicken and put some broccoli and carrots in a garlic sauce and a little white rice.

  2. I typically dump my leftovers into white rice and stirfry it all together with garlic, pepper and freshly cut chillies for a kick.

  3. Oh yum! Everything tastes good in a wrap! I love a good stir fry wrap. Yesterday I had brown rice, grilled chix, black beans and avocado. SO GOOD!


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