Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Benefits of a CSA

What is a CSA you ask? CSA stands for "community supported agriculture". Through a CSA, you can buy produce directly from the farmer by buying a share in the farm, or what is similar to a subscription. In return you can receive a weekly or bi-weekly box of fresh produce.

The last week of my local Farmer's Market was Saturday. The thought of buying fruits or veggies that aren't local, or organic, or that haven't been ripened naturally from my neighborhood supermarket doesn't appeal to me. Sure I have Whole Wallet, I mean, Whole Foods within walking distance to my office but shopping there doesn't help support local growers or my pocketbook for that matter. I am thinking a CSA is the way to go.

There are so many other benefits to participating in a CSA besides knowing where your food is grown, and who is growing it. Depending on the CSA and the "plan" you go with, you may not get to pick exactly what you are getting in your box. This may get you to try new things. You may also get to visit the farm and see how the produce is actually grown. Some farms offer other products besides vegetables. You may find eggs, bread and meat available through some CSA's as well.

I am in the process of researching which one would work best for my family, and reading reviews. Part of what is important to me is if it is picked up or delivered, where the most convenient pick up spots are and convenient pick up times. One of my friends has referred me to Timptations. Their offerings are 90-95% organic. It is only $18/week for a small box of produce (6 items: 2 fruits, 2 hearty vegetables, 1 leafy green, 1 "exotic") I do enjoy the experience of going to the Farmer's Market weekly with my family, and may head back when the season starts up again in May...unless I am so happy with my CSA that I don't want to quit! I will let you know how it goes!

Have you ever heard of a CSA? Have you ever tried one? 


  1. We love having a CSA! In Ithaca, ours included u-pick tomatoes, so we also got to can tom sauce and salsa, now we're enjoying a different one in TX. I'm excited you're looking into it!

  2. I have not but I really want to do one. Our mom group was emailing about it a few months ago but I didn't get my act together.

    Happy Holidays to you too dear! All the best!!

  3. I have heard of them, but I haven't tried it yet myself. I think I'd like to get a box of random goodies though!


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