Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bitten by the FLU Bug

What a hell of a week I have had, my friends! I had been feeling run down, but before Christmas I had a lot of last minute shopping to do for the kids as well as preparing my home for hosting Christmas Eve. AND I still had to work. I ignored my scratchy throat and raspy voice and tried to drink more fluids.

By the time Christmas Eve came, I was an emotional, exhausted mess but I pulled it off and everyone had a great time. My kids had the BEST Christmas ever, they had so much fun with their cousins and loved their presents. At the end of the night I wanted to curl up and pass out. I did.

The flu came and hit me hard and I regret the days that have passed that I was unable to run, especially since I was off of work. But I guess sometimes all we can do is listen to our bodies. This forced rest was probably exactly what I needed, since I usually hardly ever have time to even sit down. I watched a couple movies and took care of ME. What is left is a horrible cough and still some congestion, and I am hoping for a quick recovery so that I can get back to my fitness plan. I hope you all have been enjoying the holidays.


  1. Oh no, hope you're feeling better now. Flu's are such a drag. Hope you have a fun new year's :)

  2. Oh, YUCK! I am so sorry to hear that... sounds like our Christmas last year. :( Thankfully, we all stayed healthy. I think you're right-- forced rest can be a good thing! Hope all is back to normal soon!


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