Friday, January 22, 2010

The Eve of My 40th Birthday

How am I feeling on the last day of my 30's? Pretty damned good actually. I feel mature, but mature enough to act like a kid if I want to (and I do!) and not care what other people think. I feel beautiful, not in a supermodel sort of way, but on the inside. I am proud of my career accomplishments, but no longer let them define who I am. I look at my husband and children and know that there is no where else I'd rather be. I am excited, not just about my fabulous weekend in Las Vegas, but about my life. I am enjoying the journey of my day to day, and also can't wait to see what the future holds for me. Well enough about that! On to my last entry before my big weekend.

I think I've aged pretty well considering all the fun in the sun I've had...going to college in Santa Cruz, living by the beach in San Diego for several years, snow skiing every winter, and living in a house with a pool. But I am not going to lie, since 40 has been looming over head I have spent a lot of time looking very closely in the mirror. While I do not have "wrinkles" per se, I do have a lot of fine lines and my pores are probably a lot more prominent than I'd like them to be. And every product that I've tried that says will shrink your pores is full of bull. This technically can't be done. And most things I try have such a short-lived effect. By short-lived I mean you might see some improvement immediately after use but a few hours later you look exactly the same. But last night I tried the Concentrated Restorative Treatment by Perricone Cosmeceuticals. I have to say for the first time I was impressed. I slathered it onto clean and dried skin. My skin felt tingly for about 5 minutes afterwards which made me believe it was doing something. I went to bed, and in the morning I did my usual magnified mirror investigation. My pores did seem to shrink! My fine lines were a lot less noticeable! I have to say, I am a fan. Going on 4pm my skin still looks good. This product isn't cheap, but now that I am, ahem, aging - I am just going to have to rearrange priorities. Less clothes and shoes, less money spent on eating out = more to spend on my skin care.

My favorite healthy food item this week is Campbell's V8 Soup. I have tried the Garden Brocolli and the Butternut Squash and both are delicious. They low-cal, tasty, only contain about 25% of your daily suggested sodium intake, AND you get a full serving of vegetables. I LOVE vegetables, but sometimes I can't get it together to steam or stir-fry, and there are also days when its cold and stormy and a salad just doesn't sound appealing. Most of all, I feel great after I eat these soups. No regrets when you put something good into your body!

I will not be blogging for a couple days while I'm in Sin City. I will be living it up. It's my birthday, I love delicious meals, I love to drink, and I've earned it! I am going to try to work out before my massage on Sunday, and now that I've put it out there, I will be more likely to actually do it. But hey, I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm not perfect, all I can do is strive to do my best. TGIF!

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