Friday, January 15, 2010

Green is Good! BIG Birthday is Coming!

How to save a forest: 1) Plant a tree 2) Hug a tree 3) Repeat Steps 1 & 2

I read on someone's Facebook page the other day that you can use white vinegar as fabric softener. Yes, white vinegar. My first reaction was one of disgust, but then I put on a new attitude. You shouldn't knock something until you try it, right? And I am all about being kind to my environment. My biggest concern was that it would make my clothes smell like vinegar. But then I remembered that all the "recipes" for homemade cleaning solutions involve vinegar and it doesn't smell once it evaporates. I just want to let you know, if you ever run out of your usual fabric softener and you need to pop in a load of laundry, white vinegar works! No stinky smell, no static cling, and the clothes were soft. I'm not saying I'm going to do this every time. With all the laundry I do I'd have to have a case of vinegar on hand in my garage. Plus I just bought a big concentrated jug from Costco. But I have an open mind!

I have been using cloth napkins at home for the last 8 months and I feel REALLY good about all the trees I'm saving. Sure, I have been hearing all the tree hugger jokes for years since I went to UC Santa Cruz but I don't care. I think being a tree hugger is cool. :) I totally hate paper plates. I know, they are SO convenient. And I do use them when we have big family parties if I don't want to wash 50 dishes. But I just think about the damage we cause cutting down trees, which take years to grow back, and we just use a paper plate for 5 minutes and throw it in the trash.

So I am headed to Vegas in a little over a week. Bring on the debauchery! My husband and I don't get out much without the kids, mostly by choice, so this should be a fun trip. We are going with two other couples and plan to eat good dinners, see a show, get a massage, and drink like fish! ;) I know this trip is going to interfere with my diet and exercise plans but oh well, what's a girl to do? I did however, go shopping to get some hot outfits, which will at least inspire me to stick to my plan until I get there!!!

I did pretty well yesterday. For breakfast I had half a pomelo which is like a giant grapefruit and some cottage cheese with blueberries. I ate a Luna Bar in Blueberry Bliss again at 10 a.m. Of course I was worried about lunch again, since I had plans with a girlfriend at Hukilau and was hoping I would find healthy options there. I scored again with the Ahi Tuna Poke salad and water to drink. Good stuff.

Later that evening I went to see a movie with some girlfriends. I made sure I got my workout in before I went. It is so nice to get that out of the way when I could have just as easily blown it off. Believe me, I thought about it! Ok, the movie popcorn proved too tempting to resist, but figured hey, I could have done a lot worse. No soda, no candy. Just popcorn and water. The next challenge presented itself when we decided to have dinner after the movie, which got out at 8:45. Late to eat (which is bad) and out options were becoming limited since we live in a small town. It was my choice, being the birthday girl and I picked Chili's for two reasons: 1) it is 2 minutes from our house, 2) it was open. I just have to remind myself that I can eat anywhere, and find the healthy options. I drank water again to counteract the salty popcorn, and ordered the side mixed green salad. I'm not going to lie, we ordered the Triple Dipper appetizer. I had two nuggets of the boneless buffalo chicken wings and one of the Southwestern eggroll pieces (they come sliced in half). I'm not going to beat myself up. I worked out, I ate well all day, and hell, I had fun. If we are going to diet and make ourselves miserable what is there to live for, right??

Now its the weekend. I am going to stay strict, despite my "Woo hoo, Thank God It's Friday" mood. I had the same breakfast and morning snack today as yesterday, and for lunch let myself have a turkey and avocado sandwich (no chips, and water to drink) which is the only bread I've had all week. I went running with a girlfriend when I got home from work today and feel GREAT. I don't know what we're eating for dinner yet but plan to stay on track. Wish me luck! Happy Weekend!!

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