Friday, April 1, 2011

Bad Snacks At the Office

So I continually strive for healthy living, but I use the term strive loosely. You know the saying about how you should reach for the moon, so that if you don't make it you might land on a star...blah blah? That saying really defines my relationship with food. I guess I always like to factor in a little failure for myself when it comes to diet. It's hard enough for me to try to be really good at the important things, like my family and work...I need some slack somewhere right?

So at home, I eat pretty well. I don't buy a lot of crap. Not even for my kids. Especially not for my kids. I do my best to prepare good lunches for me to bring to work, and that includes snacks. Sometimes, this is an EPIC FAIL. If I don't bring snacks to the office, there is nothing to snack on unless I go out and buy it. Every once in a while, someone will be out and about and pick something up, or worse yet, bring something in from home that they have mass quantities of that they don't want hanging around their house. The holidays were insane with all the goodies that people brought in.

Your spouse said, take it to work! They'll eat it! We did.

My job can be tedious sometimes, periods of intense focus lead to moments of cagey hunger, or just the need to divert my attention to something fun or more interesting, anything else...which is typically food. I have no willpower. That is why I don't buy any bad food for my house. So when the "bad stuff" shows up at the office, I eat it.

I TOTALLY wish we had this at work every day. No lie.

Yesterday afternoon, I caved and I dug into the huge snack/chip selection that our office manager brought in. Nobody made me, everyone was crunching on them and I couldn't resist. I had eaten a pretty healthy lunch, and was tempted by the sound of the munching and crunching and the crinkly bags. Thank God they were the little bags, something like 90 calories...of Chili Cheese Fritos. I actually tried NOT to read the ingredients when I ate them. And I only ate one bag. And a few of the Cheetos from another bag. This was a good day. There have been other times when someone has brought in a bag of pretzels, trail mix, flavored popcorn, M&M's and everyone comes sniffing around. Once the bags are opened, we continue to chow down until they are empty. It's really quite comical actually. I forgot to mention that our office manager brought in one of those huge cartons of Goldfish Crackers Wednesday afternoon. I had a few handfuls of those too. I when I left the office Wednesday, I bet they wouldn't last thru Friday. As of 5:30 Thursday when I left, there were only less than a quarter carton left, and I worked from home today so I'm not sure of the outcome. This damage was done  by 5 people. Adults too! No snack is beneath us. We will literally eat anything.

Devoured. By 5 grown people. Seriously.
Well, almost anything. Let me tell you about the snacks from the Asian grocery store. But I'll save that for another time.


  1. I don't blame you, snacks can be so addictive once you get started LOL. My kids used to love the goldfish when they were younger.

  2. Thanks for joining Welcome Wednesday! I am now following you back! I hope to see you again this week for the blog hop!


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