Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh My Aching Gas Tank!

It's killing me!
Seriously now, this is getting ridiculous!  Every time I go to get gas (which is at least 1x per week), the price is higher. It wouldn't be so bad but I have this major commute to work. I drive 54 miles a day round trip. Yes, I said 54 miles!! So for me, finding the lowest gas price is of utmost importance.

I wish I drove a Prius or some other eco-concious car. But I don't. And since my car is paid off in a few months, I am not anywhere near being in the market for a new car because I can't tell you how badly I am looking forward to no car payments. I'm nearly salivating.

I often check Gas Buddy before I fill up my tank. It is a website that tracks gas prices at all the gas stations, so you can find the one closest to you with the cheapest gas. Anyone who has an account can log on and report the up-to-the-minute gas prices, which are time stamped. You can customize your page so that when you log on, the gas prices for your area are the first ones that come up.

So the station closest to my house, which is 5 minutes away and also right by the freeway, is extremely convenient. I can stop there on my way somewhere, or on my way home if my tank is nearing empty and don't want to stop in the morning. However, according to the website, it is 10 cents higher for regular gas than another one that is about 8 minutes from my house, and out of my way if I am headed to work. Then, there is the one by my office which is also about 10 cents less right now than the one closest to my house. It's a pretty cool tool to use before heading to the pump and getting ripped off. They also have giveaways and prizes - you can earn points by reporting in gas prices, or commenting on their forum. They have a giveaway for a $250 gas card right now...wouldn't we all love that?

I'm home tonight and I know my gas light is on. I will have to get gas if I want to make it the 27-odd miles to my office. I will have to try to leave early to hit the less convenient station in the morning provided the prices are still better there tomorrow (they always are). Not the ideal situation but at least I know to plan ahead!

Check out Gas Buddy and create a profile to start earning points! Or at least make informed decisions when purchasing gas. I was not compensated for this post, just trying to help out my fellow citizens!


  1. I love Gas Buddy. It's not quite as bad here yet, but it's enough that DH is thinking about taking the train instead of driving. We're right at the tipping point on which is more cost effective.

  2. It is crazy, isn't it? The timing really doesn't help any with summer coming up and all.


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