Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Fitness Week (Weak)

No Rest For You! (Soup Nazi Voice) 
I'll be the first to admit, I wasn't very dedicated this week. After an inexplicable bout with insomnia Sunday night which ruined my Monday, I managed to pull off Yoga Meltdown on Tuesday. I don't know why I did Level 1, I really needed the push of Level 2. But whatever, I broke a sweat. I vowed to work out every day this week. Right.

Good stuff
"Who's Your Daddy?" - Jillian Michaels
Wednesday I took a day off for no apparent reason other than I usually take Wednesday off from working out. Although I wasn't supposed to, since I flaked Monday. But again, whatever. Thursday I ran about 3 miles before work - we cut it short because it was sort of windy and my RB hates wind. I am still glad we went, 3 miles is better than no miles, right? Friday we got back on track with a nice, 5 mile trail run. Saturday morning, back to Ripped in 30...which if I keep going the way I have been will be more like Ripped in 60.

Bad Office Food, Part XVII
I am officially grossed out by my snacking! You know how in the past I have talked about Bad Office Food? I took it to new heights this week. Monday, someone brought in a Boston Cream Pie. I had a decent sized piece, and felt I deserved it for no apparent reason. On Wednesday, there were brownie bites. The size really is an illusion that can mess with your mind. The serving size on the package was 1, and they were about 130 calories. I had already eaten 3 or more by the time I heard this information, because I didn't even read the label before I ate them. The same person who reported the calories started to talk about the fat and sugar, but I didn't even want to hear it because I was fully disgusted with myself and did not even want to know! This is why I eat healthy meals at home and at work, and am so obsessed with staying on track with fitness, people! Because I want to eat pie and brownies!

The Moral of the Story
I need to be better about bringing healthy snacks with me to work - I know that eating crunchy foods helps me work better. I can't explain it. So I need to pick up some celery and carrots for work snacks, and make that part of my regular grocery list. That way I will always have them on hand. I really love pita chips too, and I had them at home and have no idea why they did not make it to the office with me. And I will tell myself a thousand times I need better willpower to fight the bad food, but I don't know if I'll ever listen.

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  1. Celery and carrot snacks, that must be the ultimate healthy. I don't think I could do it LOL.


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