Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day and The Paper Police

Earth day started the year I was born, in 1970. It is a day to bring about awareness and appreciation of our environment. I think about nature and the environment a lot, but realize not everyone else does. I think it's great that we have a day that might bring "the environment" into the forefront of people's minds who don't ordinarily think about it, if even just for a few minutes, just to get the wheels turning.

Today I'll be continuing my own ongoing battle for the environment on a micro-level, with my MIL over her paper towel usage at my house. Yes, there are days when I throw up my hands and remind myself I must choose my battles wisely, but today I'm not holding back.

I do have cloth napkins in my napkin holder, to prevent the quick grab of a paper napkin, and this works most of the time. I do understand that paper towels work better to dry things like wineglasses, etc. to prevent spots. And I admit I do use them to clean the mirrors in my house (when I get around to that - its low priority over here). However, for the general use of wiping down my granite counter top in the kitchen, its really not necessary. I wipe it down with a regular dishcloth, and then dry it with a microfiber towel. Or if I really want to make it shiny, I have a special cleaner and microfiber cloth which makes it look gorgeous. I am just talking about your typical, cleaning crumbs off the counter cleaning. Sure, if there was raw chicken juice on my counter I would use an antibacterial cleaner and a  paper towel that I could throw away. But this is not the case 99% of the time. When I get home, there are usually 5 used paper towels sitting on my counter - which detracts from the fact that its clean - that my well-meaning MIL used to wipe my granite down.

I have asked quizzically a few times, What are these for? because they are just sitting there. And I have suggested gently alternate cleaning methods and how I don't like to waste paper towels. For some reason this translates to her that I am cheap and don't want to buy paper towels. She's shown up here with a couple rolls here and there. IT'S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY. Sure, I bet we save a few bucks by conserving paper towels. But it's about the trees, lady. It's about the trees.


  1. this made me giggle. Ive never ever bought paper towels in my life. My parents and MIL think its odd I dont have paper plates, cups, and/or towels in the house. It started out as a waste of money for my young 19 year old self living on her own. Then as I got older, it morphed into saving the trees. I have drawers and drawers of rags that work just as well :-) Happy earth day, Lanae!

  2. OMG sounds like my DAD! Really it is about the trees... but it is sinking in more, he once in a while gets me recycled paper towels!!! You know for the pet mess.... but still uses paper towels for his messes.... LOL. Oh well it's a start!

  3. Old newspapers do an amazing job on windows. We save the local free ones we end up with.


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